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The Weirdest Events a Punter Can Bet On

The Weirdest Events a Punter Can Bet On

With the development of the internet and globalization, it is now becoming possible to bet and browse odds for all sports with 22Bet™. So, let’s go over some of the weirdest events to bet on.

Wife-Carrying Race

Ireland provides the possibility of betting on men carrying women through approximately 250 meters of obstacles to the goal. The couple that comes first is the winner. Some see this bet as the metaphorical race towards marriage and who is going to be more successful.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family is a never-ending source of bets for betting enthusiasts. The latest is betting on the firstborn of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. There are a bunch of name possibilities, sexes, and other bet types.

The North Korean Dictator

You may feel like betting on politics and in that case, it is worth checking the available bets regarding Kim Jong-un, the North Korean Dictator. Some of the bets include the last year of his reign, how is his reign going to stop, whether he and Trump are going to play golf since both are fans and many more.

Alien Discovery

Some people are completely obsessed with aliens whilst some believe that it is possible that they may exist whilst some are completely self-centered and imply that we are alone in the Universe. Some betting sites provide the possibility to bet on when alien discovery is going to be discovered. Still, it is not known what is meant by Alien discovery. For example, they found water on Mars and it is known that where there is water, there is life. Are bacteria alien? Something to think about.

Amazon’s Future Headquarters

Yes, you can actually place a bet on where Amazon’s future headquarters are going to be. The race includes twenty locations and the highest odds go to Boston, Northern Virginia, and Austin.


Do you have a third-eye? If so, you may want to bet on the end of the world. There are numerous options available but it is not clear how can a player get their money if they are successful.

There are just some of the weirdest bets in the world and there are numerous others available. Please share the strangest or the most fun bet that you encountered or have heard about in the comments section.

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