Buying Wearable Devices For Kids – Everything To Consider

Until recently, parents weren’t fans of letting their kids wear smartwatches. This changed as they realized they come with multiple benefits. One of our favourites is the ability to know where your child is all the time. When making your purchase, there are a couple of things you should know. These will ensure that you get the best possible wearable for your child. This way, both you and your kid can enjoy the benefits of a wearable.


Watches come in all kinds of sizes. How big they are depend on the size of the case. You generally don’t want a watch that has a large case. Remember that kids’ hands are small. 

Kids are clumsy. They’re likely going to slam their smartwatch into different things. If it’s huge, the chances of them damaging its surface area are high. 

Usually, something that has a case below 35 mm is great for kids. For older ones, something a little bigger will do. 

Speaking of size, you should make note of the width of its strap. If it’s too wide, sweat will collect. This is especially true if it’s made from resin. 


Not only do wearable devices come in all kinds of sizes, but they’re made from all sorts of materials too. Most smartwatches are made from silicone and rubber – regardless if they’re for kids or not. For a child, something made from silicone is what you want. The material is great at being water-proof.  Children are messy, so being able to wipe dirt off is appreciated. 

Kids are prone to allergies. So, your little one may be allergic to it. 

The material on its display should be noted too. Many smart-wearables come with sapphire fronts. The glass is super tough.  However, it’s only available on more expensive devices. 


There are many wearable devices for kids. Other than size, one of the biggest giveaways that they’re for children is the patterns on them. Manufacturers love placing Disney characters and bright colours on their straps. If you’re getting the wearable for your kid’s birthday, definitely get one that has a design they like. There’s probably a timepiece with their favourite superhero out there. 


Kids aren’t going to use the timepieces for many things, so splurging on them may not be wise. If you’re thinking of going all the way, your best bet is to look through guides. They’ll have the best wearables for your budget. Smartwatches regularly go on sale. If you look around, you’re bound to find some discounts. 

There are wearable devices for all sorts of things. Their price is influenced by what they’re used for. Fitness trackers will be more expensive than smartwatches as they come with additional features to stay fit. 

If you’re looking for the best watches for kids, you’ll notice that some smart watches aren’t that “smart”. They’ll come with little-to-no access to the internet. 


You’ll need to make note of how much internet your young one will access. As mentioned, some smartwatches aren’t really “smart”. They come with cool features that normal watches do not have. If your kid only needs a wearable to track their fitness, you’ll be happy to know that there are fitness trackers that don’t access the internet. 

If your child needs a GPS watch for camping trips, sports watches are great. Many come with smart features – without the World Wide Web. 


The beauty of wearables for kids is that they’re optimized. As mentioned, many of them don’t come with access to the internet. However, they have GPS tracking. With the watch on your little one’s wrist, you’ll always know where they are. Countless come with telephone features. Wherever your little one is, you’ll be able to get in touch with them. They also have SMS functions, but being able to call your child is better. 

Water Resistance 

Whatever you do, get your little on a water-resistant device. You need one for your child, as they’re probably going to wear the watch in the shower. If it’s a fit-bit, you don’t have to worry about resistance as it was made for swimming. 

We discussed water-proofing earlier. Water resistance and waterproofing are not the same things. A waterproof material will help a wearable withstand water, but just because it’s made from the material doesn’t mean that it can handle dips in the pool. 


Kids are very picky. One of the best things about smartwatches is that they’re very customizable – they let you swap their straps for others. Depending on the watch you buy, its strap options will differ. Usually, smartwatches for children come with many options, so you don’t have to worry. You might get additional straps out of the box. A lot of the time, you’ll have to purchase them, though. 

If you bought a popular wearable, there will most likely be third-parties selling band for it. Remember what we said about water-proofing and size. Don’t forget about allergies too!

Final Thoughts

Parents don’t always like purchasing smartwatches for their little ones. The world has changed and they are on many kids’ wrists. One of the reasons parents are fine with their children wearing smartwatches is because they help them track them. They not only come with GPS tracking, but have calling and SMS features as well. Since a lot of smart wearables for kids don’t have access to the internet, they’re a better choice than mobiles. 

If you’re a parent looking to buy your child a tech wearable, get one that is durable. It should be made from a waterproof material like resin or silicone. It should also have a tough window – your little one would shatter it otherwise. 

Of course, it should have great tracking features and come in a design your kid will enjoy. Don’t forget to find one that will fit their wrist. 

So, are you more confident about buying a smartwatch for your child now? Which of the above points do you think is the most useful?

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