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What Amazing Features Leading Smartphone Makers Have in Store for Us

In the last decade, smartphones have evolved at an unprecedented pace. They have added a bunch of amazing functions to their repertoire that made them not only an indispensable part of our lives but they have managed to cram as much processing power into their increasingly thin bodies that they are a match for desktop computers from a few years ago and far exceed the capabilities of the supercomputers of the glorious past. But these innovative features have become less impressive as time passed. More processor cores, better cameras, and such no longer impress customers – as a result, smartphone sales have shown the first signs of slowing down. So, manufacturers need new, spectacular features to catch our eyes – and, as far as the rumors go, they have quite a few up their sleeves. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting below. And let’s hope they won’t become spectacular tech fails once they are released.

The iPhone of the future

Tapping on the screen is so 2017 – at least this is what Apple engineers seem to think. As such, they plan to release a new, touchless way to interact with the upcoming touchscreen devices the Cupertino giant plans to release. The feature – likely to be called iHover or something similar involving an “i” – would allow users to interact with their iDevices through gestures made in front of the screen, without actually touching it.

Similar technologies have been showcased in the past by Google (Project Soli) and Samsung (Air Gestures). The earliest this new technology will show up in actual phones is in about two years.

By the way, Apple is rumored to consider releasing its first smartphone with a curved screen.

Samsung’s foldable phone

Samsung has been rumored to prepare a foldable smartphone for quite some time now – and it seems that the South Korean tech giant is really working on it. Samsung Galaxy X, as the model is spoken of online, has reportedly spent the last seven years in the lab. And it might not be ready anytime soon either – Samsung’s mobile boss has basically shut down any speculation about the potential release of the headset by saying “it will be ready when it’s ready”.

The fact of the matter is that Samsung has showcased its bendable screens quite a few times in the past – but that’s the easiest part, it seems. There are, in turn, several components in every phone that can’t be flexible (especially the batteries) that need a bit more work. But you can expect folding phones to make it to the shelves in the years to come. Whenever they are ready, of course.

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