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Best Upcoming Smartwatches in 2020

 In this post, we are going to talk about the best upcoming smartwatches from various companies. Smartwatches are becoming more popular these days most of the smartphone makers are excited to launch their smartwatch due to increasing demand in the market of smartwatches. Some major smartphone makers have already launched their smartwatches in the markets and they are now willing to upgrade the variants. We can’t deny that smartwatches will be the most modern gadgets in the upcoming future, even it can replace smartphones in the upcoming next 6 to 10 years. Have a look at the smartwatches below which are expected to launch in 2020.

Check Upcoming Smartwatches 2020

1. Huawei watch 3 or X

Huawei is of the top smartphone makers in the World and they are also in the smartwatch industry where they had already launched Huawei Watch 2. So the next smartwatch will be a successor to the Watch 3 or Watch X. This is expected for 2020 and can come with a lot of improvement from the previous one. It can be packed with all-new upgraded Android Wear 3.0 along with a better design and built quality. The device will be packed with a new Qualcomm smartwatch processor named (Wear 3100). It is expected to be showcased at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020, along with its latest flagship smartphone.


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The naming of this smartwatch is still not confirmed some leak says that it will be called as Huawei Watch 3 and some say it might be the Watch X from the company, but let’s wait till the launch of this Smartwatch in 2020.

2. Pixel watch / Pixel time

Now in the smartphone world, everyone looks exited for a smartwatch, Apple and Samsung smartwatches are selling faster that’s the reason other big companies are jumping in this industry. In 2020 it was expected that Google will also introduce its smartwatch but unfortunately, they failed to do so, but for the year 2020, it is almost confirmed that they will introduce their smartwatch series. The rumored names for the smartwatches are Pixel Watch and Pixel Time, they were rumored for this year, but now some strong rumor says that it will now come with the Pixel 4 series smartphones in 2020.

For the specification, we don’t have to worry much because its a Google watch who owns Android, so we might also see some exclusive features on their watch and the latest version of Android. It is also expected to come packed with Qualcomm smartwatch Wear 3100 processor.

3. Microsoft Surface Watch

Upcoming Smartwatches 2020

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As per reports, Microsoft’s prototype smartwatch testing project has moved on to its Surface team, which means they are very deeply invested in the project now as the main projects are handled by the Surface Department.

The Surface brand tag is currently used for their Laptops, hybrids, and PCs, and for long it is being also used for the upcoming rumored Surface Phone which hasn’t become a reality yet. As we believe that in the year 2020, they could launch the long-rumored Surface Phone along with the expected Surface Smartwatch.

Everybody might feel that Microsoft is not anymore in the smartphone and smartwatch market, but to prove everyone wrong and make their mark in this industry they will launch their Surface devices in 2020, which will bring a change in the industry. The specs of the smartwatch are yet to be revealed, but as per strong rumors, it will come with an Oxynitride Aluminum body, which will be more harder than regular metal.

4. OnePlus Smartwatch

As we all know that OnePlus head denied the launching plan of ; but we still believe that there is more chance to update the decision. The market situations are dynamic; it changes as per the conditions, as per the new technology, and most important as per the demand.

We never believed that we will see an 8GB RAM smartphone, but the result is in front of you all. Nokia was the biggest smartphone company that we all remember; now it looks the smallest, that’s because they failed to understand the market demand and need for upgraded technology.

The whole scenario we’ve created to explain to you a simple concept, that every time there is a possibility. The OnePlus smartwatch may launch in 2020. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony are preparing their smartwatches even Google too. In the upcoming few months, the biggest companies will change the market competition, and create more space for more demand in the smartwatch market.

The OnePlus will be surely waiting for this, so in 2020 they may launch a smartwatch with their new device which will be named OnePlus 7. In the future, there will be a trend to launch a smartwatch along with their flagship device as we believe. That’s our view, but we cannot say anything 100% correct, we’ve tried to explain every possible thing.


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5. Sony SmartWatch 4

The Sony Smartwatch 3 was a huge success, and now they are looking for another game-changer. Still, there are very few rumors about this guy.

The launch date is still not clear; rumors indicate that it may hit the markets in September 2020, but some source also suggests that it will arrive in the starting months of 2020. There are several rumors about this wearable in the market, but we don’t know that they are real or not. Let’s look at some leaked improvements. The smartwatch will comes more Accurate GPS. It will have an Android Pay option so that you can pay anywhere with your wearable.

There will be a built-in Speaker. This time it will come with more sensor options. They may provide a fast charging technology this time.


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6. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple the king of the smartphone industry is also known for its premium and best quality smartwatches. We have witnessed Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5 which are still amazing wearable stuff, but now we will soon see an extraordinary Apple Watch Series 6. The new watch could have a circular design instead of a square, it will come with a fast ever processor used in a smartwatch and also we will see an upgrade in RAM of this device. The rumors also suggest that it will have monitor sleeping patterns, heart rate, calories burnt, steps count and many more features.

It will get a futuristic design like future iPhones which will make it more modern and fancy. The launch date is expected in 2020 but some reports are also suggesting that it will be announced with the upcoming iPhone 12. All the information is just rumor we have to wait for the official launch or statement from Apple. But yes there is something from Apple for you to get excited if you are curious about the upcoming smartwatches. It is also expected to be similarly priced like Apple Watch 5

7. Xiaomi Smartwatch

We should not forget that Xiaomi is one of the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturers in the World and they are trying their best to make cheap and best smartphones. While most of the smartphone makers are also into smartwatch business like Samsung, Sony, Apple and more. So there is also a rumor that Xiaomi is preparing their cheap and extreme smartwatch. However, we can’t confirm this rumor yet but it sounds good as well that they could also make the best cheap smartwatch alternatives of other costly brands. For smartphones, they are completely destroying competitor brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC and others. So it makes send that they might be thinking to also jump into a clear-cut for smartwatches. We know that Xiaomi already has smartwatches and smart bands, but we are talking about the best upcoming smartwatch from Xiaomi to compete with Samsung and Apple watches.

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8. Samsung Watch 3

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In 2020 could witness the new upgraded variant of Watch 2 series a Watch 3. It is rumored that Samsung will launch its new most awaited watch at Galaxy Unpacked event. After the recent launch of Galaxy Watch Active 2 all the eyes are on their next upcoming smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is expected to have a more durable and more design compared to the previous one. The device is also expected to be supported by e-SIM feature out of the box and there will be 16GB internal space which is double to space which was offered in Galaxy Watch Active 2.

It is said to be coming with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in August 2020 and will be very much comfortable to use with Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

So hope you liked our list of best upcoming smartwatches, let us know in the comment box if you have any questions.

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  • Hi Melanie Stevens, thanks for your comment yes there are more than 70% chances, that the companies like Samsung, HTC, LG and more will bring more or less similar watches to compete with Apple

  • Please can you tell me if an android watch will come out to be the same as the Apple watch 3 where you can make and receive calls without the phone around preferbly the Samsung watch?

  • Hi there, trying to find moto 360 2nd gen 42mm with cognac leather band, but hasn’t seen this on any of the online portals. Yes, it is there on Amazon, but at crazy prices.. Any lead where to find this one, with the original price of INR 20K.. thanks a lot in advance

  • Hi Sachin. Good article. What watch would you buy if it was your first in 2017? Also, why is it so hard to find “wristbands” for the Sony Smart watch 3? What is going on here? I bought the watch (with bright green watchband) for $69. I don’t care for the band too much so checked around for replacements, and it is ridiculous. To buy a silver metal watch band (WITHOUT THE WATCH), I could not find anything under $225. I can’t find even a basic black plastic band anywhere. Why would Sony do this??? Why not YOU invest in a small company to make these metal watch bands for Sony SW 3 and sell them? )) You could probably make them for under $50 and sell them for $75. That is a huge profit margin. So discussed with this very basic issue.

  • IP 67 only specifies immersion for up to one meter for a defined time and pressure which does not mean “if you are in a deep pool then no need to worry it will be still safe”. IP 68 would be the minimum required for this type of activity with the Moto 360 3

  • The Huawei needs to be thinner than the 2016 model. Such a modification will make it the cream of the crop.

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