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Top 10 Best Upcoming Games in 2017 and 2018 for PC, PS and XBOX

So now that the end of 2016 is very near and we are heading towards 2017, so as you all know we are specialized in bringing you news from the future, and hence we bring you a similar article. In this post, we are going to discuss Some best upcoming Games 2017 for PC Xbox and PlayStation. These games are just going to be better than the previous versions, and some new variants will also be there. We all know technology keeps changing every day, every month, every year and that’s true. We can not expect technology to remain same.


These digital games are every day reaching a new level. For example, we can have a look at GTA Vice City and now we can also look at GTA 5. The sole purpose of explaining this is to remind you that you will witness some best upcoming PC games, best next Xbox games and some fantastic PlayStation upcoming games 2017. In 2017, we will see more enhanced gaming experience than any other, the graphics will be very realistic, and other controlling systems will be smoother. There are many more games rumored for 2017, but we have selected some of the best games, so below we are going to discuss 10 best games which will be hit the stores in 2017 for various platforms like PC, PS, and Xbox.

These are the top 10 best upcoming games of 2017

1. Assassin’s Creed Empire

We all are aware of Assassin’s Creed gaming series. In one word it is fantastic, everything is perfect; story looks perfect, graphics looks perfect, the character looks perfect. If we look back in the recent past, they had done a great job; we are also a big time Assassin’s Creed fan. What do most people like about Assassin’s Creed games? The ability to kill, the capacity to climb, and a nice story line. After launching their latest game AC syndicates in 2015 which is based in London. They skipped 2016 because they were concentrating on one of the best upcoming games 2017, that was rumored as Assassin’s Creed Empire and this will be based in Egypt, so we can expect temples, pyramids, Pharaohs and also don’t forget about the tombs. As per the news, The Assassin’s Creed team is currently collecting opinions from people across the globe.


2. Need For Speed 2017

It is also one of the best Upcoming Games for 2017 from NFS series. In 2016, Ghost EA gaming studio skipped NFS series, but now it is confirmed that they are going to launch a new NFS game in 2017, that is also mentioned on their official . The expectancy level of racing gaming fans from this game is very high. The game will be first available for PlayStation and Xbox users, and after 2 or 3 months it will be available for PC. If we look at most of the upcoming PC games, they are little late in comparison to console gaming platforms. So we hope that they announce it together for all platforms. This time they are developing something awesome as we believe.


3. Days Gone

We’ve watched its 15 minutes games play video, for which we can say that it is one of the best upcoming games in 2017. The game is full of adventure. It is based on Zombies where you need to kill the endless zombies. Players will control Deacon so as to get by on the planet loaded with zombies. Days Gone is pressed with a massive activity gameplay. It features a large and big map that can be investigated all in all. It likewise has powerful AI which will help you to use various weapons and tools around, while the mental instinct as a human player.  The game is not like usual zombie game which you all are playing since long due to its dynamic AI means; an AI zombie with a few sorts of conduct, some can jump, can run quicker than the typical while some appear to overlook other people. The zombie crowds will give you a chance to work like a murdering machine until you turn your back around and be the running man. It is based on a unique concept which you may not get in any other Zombie upcoming games 2017. The graphics of this game looks amazing which you can look below at gameplay video.


4. Far cry 5

After the launch of FC 4 and the very latest Far Cry Primal, now it is confirmed that Far Cry 5 will be carried out in 2017 before March. Let’s recall what a Far Cry game is? Yeah right, most of you still do not know much about this game, but a real gamer can identify it very quickly. Far Cry games are well-known for the jungle atmosphere like you have to fight the Tiger, Elephants and all other animal species. There will be several missions which you have to complete in various difficulties, and the most interesting fact about the Far Cry series is it is one of the best graphic games you can play ever. Graphics of this game is one of the best and it feels very realistic. If we look at Far Cry 5, it will come with some of the best graphics ever that you can only imagine in your dreams. But the Far Cry series games are always first available for the consoles, if you are a PC gamer and are waiting for one of the extreme awesome Upcoming game 2017, then you might have to wait for few more months.



5. Fallout 5 2018

The Fallout 5 is coming in 2017, and yes it is 100% correct. The previous Fallout 4 star accidentally leaked the Fallout 5 game on Instagram. If we look at the Fallout 4 story, which was based in Boston city in the year 2287, 210 years after nuclear war, which feels totally like a unique concept and as you can check the gameplay and trailer, the graphics and weapons feel totally out of the word. The expectancy from Fallout 5 is much higher after taking a look at Fallout 4, so you can imagine that how much good work they have done in the past, and how much they will be doing in one of the best upcoming games for 2017 named FO5. It will also be as one of the best open world games, where you can roam freely without any mission restrictions. In Fallout 5 we are expecting some different concept when compared to FO 4. However Fallout 5 release date has been not confirmed yet, we could witness this game in Q3 or Q4 of 2018, which is not too far.


6. Battlefield 5 (2018)

It is almost now confirmed that a new Battlefield game is coming. The Battlefield 1 is an awesome game from all perspective and now the feel of another upcoming game is making us crazy. We’ve witnessed amazing game plays of BF1 and now the rumors about the upcoming Battlefield game is breaking the box. The release date of this game isn’t clear yet but we are not going to witness it soon for sure. The Battlefield is a recent game release in 2016, so we can expect the announcement of this game in Q3 and Q4 of 2018. But we all are sure that this game is going to be the best of all the times and undoubtfully the graphics of this game would be an extraordinary piece of work.


7. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Along with Battenfield 1, EA is also working on Mass Effect: Andromeda. We can expect Mass Effect Andromeda before April 2017. It was currently in rumors to launch at the E3 2016, but we believe it will be officially carried out in 2017 for PC and console gaming platforms. In 2016 they just showcased the game, and it will be available in the 1st quarter. As taking ideas from the previous series, we can say that upcoming Andromeda game will be based on Space, exploring the space, fighting, the character can use differ starships to travel in the space, etc. We are very excited about this game.mass-effect-andromeda

8. Horizon Zero Dawn

It is one of the best Sci-fi upcoming games 2017. The launch date is set for February 2017. The game is currently in development by Guerrilla Games, and Sony Entertainment will publish it. The concept of this game or we can say the story of this game is fixed at high 1,000 years in the future, where the characters have to fight with robotic type dinosaurs. If we talk about platforms, this will be exclusive to PlayStation 4. Because the game is a part of Sony Entertainment so that it will launch on their platform. Then it might launch on other platforms like PC and Xbox as well, but chances are less.days-gone-game-2017


Another Spider-Man game is supposed to turn out in 2018. Sony has officially confirmed that they are going to launch a new Spider-Man game soon, which will be exclusive to PS4. Insomniac Games develop it. The very recent trailer which we have linked below shows a perfect gameplay of the new best upcoming Spider-Man game, where the main character is busy in climbing the buildings, fighting with villains. The graphics of the gameplay is also very enjoyable. The game is expected to be showcased at the , and might get released in 2017, if not then definitely we are going to witness it in 2018. We can expect great story behind this game, great and realistic graphics experience and some other surprises for the Spiderman fans.

10. Call of Duty VR (2018)

Call of Duty is now going for virtual reality (VR) experience, and the company is taking steps for best upcoming games in 2018 as gamers will get the chance to experience war and fight a war very carefully which wasn’t possible in the past. VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) is the future of gaming, and the Call of Duty franchise has taken the VR route. Creator Activision has reported there could be an upcoming game called Call of Duty VR. Players get the opportunity to strap on a PlayStation VR headset and submerge themselves in the realm of cutting edge fighting. Gamers will have 360-degree fights as they take to a cutting edge Jackal contender plane and duke it out in science fiction dogfights against dangerous adversaries. We are looking forward to this game.

Soldiers with the Royal Netherlands Army conduct training in Dismounted Soldier Training Systems at the 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command, Grafenwoehr, Germany, June 5, 2013. The DSTS is the first fully-immersive virtual simulation for infantry. (U.S. Army photo by Gertrud Zach/released)

If we missed any best Upcoming game 2017, then let us know by posting a comment in the comments section below. If you have any question, then feel free to ask them in the comments section as well. Happy gaming!

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