Resolving The Dreaded Tech Posture

Technology and postural problems go hand in hand. A 2019 study published by PLoS ONE established this in clear terms, finding that the longer a person spends on their smart device, the greater the duration and severity of their neck pain. What’s more, a correlation was found between burden on healthcare systems and the severity of that neck pain. That’s just smart phones; desktop computers come with their own set of problems. The process of correcting poor posture is, for most people, mercifully straightforward.
Correcting tech neck
Tech neck, caused by the neck leaning down to look at a phone or leaning forward to stare at a monitor, is an ailment shared by users of every type of smart device. Correcting pain from tech neck is the logical first step, and according to Healthline, it can at first be remedied with a range of stretches, such as simple nods and a few basic yoga poses like the cat-cow. Another helpful and easily achieved exercise is the chin tuck. The chin tuck can be achieved on the go, and is effective in quickly remedying neck pain, in addition to building new habits, and simply involves pushing the chin back until the neck forms a straight line with the spine.
Improving habits
In the long-term, human beings need to take steps to improve their all-round posture to provide that foundation they need to support themselves during long periods of sitting down or staring at a phone. The UKs National Health Service provide clear advice on how to achieve this. While working, the body must be put in a neutral position: feet flat, hips in line with elbows, shoulders back, and neck relaxed. While on the phone, users must try and keep their phone up so they do not stare down while using it. Think of how you would naturally feel when standing, and try to achieve that.
Taking it further
If you can take active steps to improve your posture and strength beyond ‘normal’ levels, you will feel better when using your tech. How is that achieved? Yoga is a low-impact and great place to start, as most workouts will target the entire body through its course. You can also look to improve your environment. Look to use a standing desk, or if you use a tablet or smartphone, a smart arm that can move to ensure you’re always approaching your tech from the right postural perspective.
Doing this now can prevent health problems down the line and help you to ensure you feel full of vitality. The body is a complex machine with hundreds of different muscles and tendons interacting with every action. Teaching it the best way to be, naturally, is crucial to staying healthy.

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