6 things you need know about being a software tester

Testing experts state that this career path implies learning something new daily. If you don’t do it, then you are not a tester. Software testers make sure that the apps our lives rely on daily are properly functioning. From behind a computer, they run numerous tests to check a program’s performance, scalability, user acceptance, and functionality.

Bearing this in mind, everyone can agree that software testing is important and the best of the best should do it. This blog is offering you all the details you need if you are considering this career.

  1. Before applying for a job, you should know what testing is about

Testing experts have a single role, to reduce risks. They have to identify and cut down the risks of an app not meeting the needs and requests of users. Testers’ role is to enhance the user’s experience.

How can they do it?

They have to prioritise the risks they are focusing on when they verify an app. While a millisecond delay can be annoying for users, an app that crashes every time the user is performing an action has a greater negative impact on the success of the software. Therefore, a tester has to categorise the problems according to their impact on the public, and to solve them gradually.

  1. Software testing is necessary

Software developers hurry to deliver their products on time and sometimes they compromise some features. Because of the misconception that testing takes a long time, they tend to skip this step. However, every minute is worth when thinking about the possibility clients to identify bugs and to cancel their orders.

As fuel is needed to power a car, software testing is required to make an app function flawlessly.

  1. Testing is often a team effort

Not only that the tester is not the same person as the developer, but for identifying all the bugs different experts have to run checks. Someone designs the app, someone else makes sure to deliver a product that meets the request, and a third entity is checking it to make sure that the users get the experience they pay for. Different challenges are required in order to identify the potential risks the software is exposed to. All team members have a single goal, to launch a product people will adore. All testers and developers involved in the process need to communicate to fix problems.

Both teams have to share their findings, what is running perfectly, what it doesn’t, and what recommendations every one of them has to create a better working app.

  1. Testers have to think like users

The secret to succeeding in the industry is to think like a user. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will use the software daily, and they need to be happy with the features it has. But satisfying the user is not as simple as it sounds, especially when the software is new.

To make sure that you are delivering a functional app you should ask yourself some questions:

  • What does the user want to get when using it?

  • How will they use it? Is it developed for personal or business purposes?

  • Does the app have features that can confuse the user?

  • Are there any bugs that can cause the software to crash when used?

A successful software tester is able to find answers to all these questions when checking an app. They view the software the way the user does it, and they anticipate most of the client’s needs. Only the ones who can do this can succeed in the testing world.

Because users’ needs and wants change over time, the software is constantly upgraded and the tester has to conduct regression testing to verify if the app is properly functioning after certain changes are implemented.

  1. They do more than testing

This job implies more than simply verifying the software and identifying the issues, testers also have to report to the development team and share with them the bugs they identified. When writing the reports, they have to share the information in a clear and informative way. Confusion can easily grow and the last thing a software company wants is to lose time and money. Sometimes, when people have difficulties in understanding a piece of information they prefer to ignore it. So the tester has to make sure that they deliver the information effectively.

A tester has to analyse the results of the test they conduct, and to create a detailed report of their findings. The document should also include suggestions on the changes that have to be implemented for the software to perform correctly.

Communication is crucial in the process, developers and testers do not simply send reports from a department to another, they make sure they work together to create an app that functions as the user wants it.

  1. All testers have certain skills

Becoming a software tester requires certain skills. They need to have knowledge in using various testing and scripting tools, be multi-taskers, and be familiar with Linux, Windows, and UNIX. They have to know multiple development methodologies because they will have to conduct testing at different development steps. Knowledge in multiple programming languages like JavaScript, SQL, PHP, C#, or C++ is also required. Because their job implies working with other people, they need excellent communication skills.

Once they get a degree and grow the needed skills to apply for a software testing position, they should continue to improve their knowledge by earning various certifications.

When it comes to salary, it highly depends on the employer and the skills the candidate has. If the tester has skills in using the C# programming language and the Selenium automated test tool, they can access the highest paid-positions. The region where they are working is also an important factor in determining the salary.

You should keep in mind that the main goal of every tester is to create an enjoying experience for the user, and you can do it if you minimise the risk and deliver an app that works.


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