How to choose the right smartwatch for you in 2020- 2021

Since Apple Inc. introduced the first smartwatch on 9th September 2014, the watch industry has been revolutionized into a whole new level. With so many options at hand, the question in everyone’s mind is how to choose the right smartwatch. Selecting a proper smartwatch is like choosing a smartphone. Although each model will be able to perform basic tasks such as showing calls, texts, and run apps, they have different features. There are countless designs and models, but that is where the similarity ends. Their prices also differ. For example, a high-end fitness smartwatch with Google Assistant is just $80. Here is a guide on choosing the right smartwatch.

Type of Display

Display plays a significant role in smartwatch selection. The market offers two variants, LCD and AMOLED. Each of these two has its strengths and weaknesses when you compare smartwatches. AMOLED provides a high viewing angle and better color visibility where the color black is indeed black on the screen. However, these AMOLED screens consume more power compared to LCD. LCDs are brighter and cheaper, though. Considering the majority of pros and cons for these two types, AMOLED comes out as the best solution for high-end smartwatches and LED suits budget smartwatches. Choose a smartphone display depending on your budget range.

Compatibility with your smartphone

Imagine getting a new smartwatch just to find out that your smartphone does not support it. Frustrating, right? This makes compatibility an absolute must when you compare smartwatches and decide which is the one you should get. Choosing a smartwatch does not rely totally on price, brand, or functions, but all of them together. Brands that rule the smartphone manufacturing industry, such as Apple and Samsung, tailor their devices. An Apple smartwatch will only work with an Apple smartphone. Samsung, however, is more flexible. Their devices can pair with other mobile brands but with limited features. For full support, you will need a Samsung device. Google uncomplicated these tailored devices by creating a Wear OS, which supports all these phones. Check your device for all these before buying a smartwatch.

The Interface

The market offers three types of interfaces: touch screens, buttons, and a combination of the two. The choice of whether to choose a touch screen or not is undeniable. Just go for the touchscreen! What differs in this situation is the size of the display. Some displays might be too small, making it hard for you to scroll through multiple notifications or other activities. You now have to choose between a smartphone with only a touchscreen or with both buttons and touchscreen. The advice for this kind of dilemma is to choose the one with both. Try them to see which one is more comfortable.

Battery Life

Battery life is something that is not dependable on most electronic devices. Smartwatches have relatively low battery life. The technology is still improving and is yet to reach its maturity. You should, therefore, check if the smartwatch you intend to buy has a battery life that can last at least a few days. Moreover, charging also factors in the choice. If the smartwatch takes too much time to charge, then you are better off without it. It should be capable of fast charging when you consider its shorter battery life. Ensure you check the battery reading right which are the longest battery life smartwatch, and if it’s okay, then you can buy it.

Supported Apps

There is no point in buying a smartphone that just shows time; you need more functionality. Mobile apps are one of the things that generally make the watch experience better. Consider this; you want to check your heart rate, and every time you need to launch the app from your phone. The process will be tiresome. Check out for smartwatches that have built-in apps capable of performing these tasks without a struggle. Furthermore, look if the device can support additional third-party applications. Be sure to look out for these features if you intend to use your smartphone for other tasks.


Most people take pricing as the key factor in buying not only smartwatches but also other electronic devices. Price usually differ depending on brand and time the brand has been in existence. Companies that have been in the market for some time typically charge a higher amount because they have reached maturity with reliable products. Additional features also factor in in prices of smartwatches. A standard watch with a sim card slot will cost less as compared with a sophisticated one with GPS, Google Assistant, and health tracking capabilities. It would be best if you got a smartwatch that is comfortable and is neither too high nor too cheap.

Smartwatches are now becoming a way of life for those that have smartphones. As the market and demand for these devices increase, so does the quality, design, and models. To select the best from them, you have to consider different factors such as price, apps supported, battery life, interfaces, compatibility, display, to mention a few. Smartwatches might get more expensive in the future. Therefore it might be useful to acquire one now. They can help you easily track your location and also receive calls and texts on the go. So, if you are thinking of buying a smartwatch, do some research and before acquiring these revolutionary devices.

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