Best Remote Jobs in Programming in 2020

Thanks to advances in the tech industry, remote work has become a huge trend. The list of benefits remote work has to offer is impressive, from good work-life balance to flexibility and excellent compensation, remote work has it all. While this may not be the case with all remote based jobs, a remote job in programming can add new freedoms and pay not available in a typical nine-to-five.

Programming is among the most profitable skills in the remote working space. There are numerous part-time and full-time positions in “find work from home jobs” websites, and you can even start a business and structure it how you see well. Below are some of the best remote jobs in programming.

App Development

Many entrepreneurs are multifaceted, not to mention the incredible work ethics and relentless drive to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, programming is time-consuming and somewhat challenging, so many entrepreneurs never get the chance to learn the ropes.

This creates a huge demand for skilled programmers who can transform their visions into tangible products, often in the form of apps. From small businesses seeking to achieve digital transformation to entrepreneurs with big app ideas, there is plenty of work to go around for remote app developers.

According to Codementor, remote app developers typically charge $61-$80 per hour for their services. While you technically do not require any formal education to become a remote app developer, you can benefit a lot from professional coding boot camps that teach people how to code. Your experience will matter more than your education since app developer clients typically choose ability over certification.

Web Development

Having a web presence is crucial for the success of most 21st-century businesses, especially if they wish to maximize their growth potential. Many businesses require people to design, build, update, or repair their websites, which creates lucrative opportunities for remote web developers.

While it can be challenging to determine the average salary of freelance web developers, statistics suggest an average rate of $60-$80 per hour. As businesses increase their web presence, the demand for competent freelance web developers rises. With a college education and some experience, you can take advantage of the six-figure income potential and relatively low barrier to entry for this career option.


Anything designable is inherently vulnerable to mischief. The Internet and all its accompanying elements are no exception to this. With each advancement in tech, cybersecurity threats become more lethal and complicated, which creates a greater need for business protection.

Most businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats using run-of-the-mill software. However, companies with more sophisticated computer systems and sensitive data may require advanced protection. This is why cybersecurity is an excellent choice for a freelance programmer.

With a decent salary of between $40-$200 per hour and an abundance of jobs, you can earn a good income as a remote cybersecurity programmer or consultant. In fact, given the potentially overwhelming workload you may face, you will perhaps find relief in organization tools to structure your workflow.


While certain programming jobs still need an in-person presence, the spread of tech into nearly all industries creates a demand for remote programmers. If you find a coding career appealing, and love the idea of working remotely, then consider working as a remote programmer in these fields to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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