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Best iOS Puzzle and Word Games of 2018

Human beings have been fascinated by puzzle games for millennia. Luckily, these mind games have precious little to do with iPhones and Androids – those are relatively new technological gizmos in the broader scheme of things. Believe it or not, puzzle games were first played on actual tablets carved from stone. It’s the very same stone that biblical figures like Moses had his 10 Commandments carved into.

Luckily, we don’t need to use chisels, etching tools, or blocks of stone anymore. It’s quick & easy to enjoy puzzle games and word games on the latest IOS devices – smartphones, tablets and phablets. These iOS gizmos are supremely advanced, allowing for near instantaneous computations and calculations, stylistic gameplay, and audio-visual prowess to accommodate the most complex puzzle and word games.

Today, the gaming arena is peppered with tens of thousands of high-quality puzzle games. The App Store is a haven of activity for players to pick and choose their preferred attractions, and puzzle and word games rank highly on the list. Some of us may get so bamboozled by the sheer variety of available titles, that it’s tough to make a decision about what games to play. Fortunately, the best games always shine through and players have already decided about their best games for 2018.

Join us on our journey as we reflect on the most fascinating, engaging, and exciting puzzle and word games of yesteryear. Our listing of games reflects a broad spectrum of player preferences, demographics and game types. There are many more games that should have made it onto this list, but for the purposes of brevity and entertainment appeal, we have limited our selection to the following top 4 puzzle and word games. Once you have browsed our listing, power up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device and get gaming. 

Check the Best Puzzle Games below

Monument Valley

What’s Monument Valley all about? This spectacular iOS game is also the Winner of Apple Design Award 2014, and the Apple Game of the Year 2014. The purpose of the game is to recalibrate, remodel, and reshape seemingly impossible architecture to guide the Princess through the surreal world. The geometry in the game is mind-boggling – as you’re about to find out. The Silent Princess is known as Ida, and she will traverse through hidden paths, attempting to outfox the Crow People.There are plenty of mysterious monuments to work your way through, including 8 new chapters of optical illusions and wonderment. This puzzle game is a tribute to the genius creativity of the game creators at ustwo Games Ltd. There are 3D landscapes, gorgeous temples, handcrafted architectural illusions, and AI audio visuals. It simply must be played to be enjoyed and understood.

Toy Crush

Here is a game that requires neither numbers nor words. It’s one of the most immersive puzzle-style games at the Google Play Store, and it goes by the name of Toy Crush. Legendary game maker, Ilyon put together a winning combination of puzzle levels and cube-blasting fun. So, what’s it all about? You begin with a screen filled with different coloured cubes. Your goal is to clear the screen by matching cubes and advancing to higher levels of the game. There are hundreds of puzzle-style levels for you to work your way through.With a 4.5/5 rating from thousands of players, this game is the ultimate toy crushing spectacle. There are loads of boosters and bonuses during your gaming sessions. For example, when you match 5 or 6 cubes, you will be awarded a rocket. When you match 7 or 8 cubes, you will be awarded a bomb, and 9 cubes gets you the elusive colour wheel. These resources are designed to help you advance quickly through the game, and rack up as many points as possible. It’s a brain game because you have to position the cubes just right to clear levels and complete your gaming activity. Give it a go and crush some toys!

Word Up!

Whether you’re a wordsmith or not, word games are lots of fun. These are some of the most fascinating games to improve your linguistic abilities, and to broaden your grammar and diction. Word games really get the gears of your mind churning, and that’s a good thing. While some folks think that a word game is a word game, there is so much more to it than that. The interactive nature of word games is fashioned off their puzzle-style appeal. Word Up! was created by ZingMagic Limited.It’s a fitting tribute to the English language, and certainly worthy of a berth on our listing. The game was updated in November 2018 and is as exciting as it is simple. So, what’s it all about? Simply find words made up of letters from the master word. As you progress, you will score points and be entered into the High Score Hall of Fame. A word will be selected from any of the 230,000+ words in English language. Blank spaces will require your attention. You can tailor your game to your preferences with easy levels, medium levels and difficult levels accordingly. Savvy? Word Up! is a great game to play.


Remember back in the day when your parents or grandparents would complete crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers? Those crosswords have now successfully transitioned to iOS devices – iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Crosswords are highly entertaining, given that you need to match letters and words with other letters and words – the synergy is what makes it all come together. This puzzle-style game is the ultimate word game.Crossword by Redstone Games is quick and easy to download and install, and it features tens of thousands of players on its network. It has garnered 5/5 ratings from scores of players, and once you install it, you’ll know exactly why. There are hints, error checks, incorrect puzzle assistance, off-line mode functionality and smart lookup features. There’s nothing like a great crossword puzzle to keep your mind sharp.

Bubble Shooter

Surprised to find Bubble Shooter Classic on the list? Don’t be! Bubble Shooter is possibly one of the finest exponents of strategy-style puzzle games. This exciting game starts out rather simply. At its core, it’s a bubble popping adventure where you simply fire different colour balls at the collection of balls on your screen. The goal is to clear levels with a limited number of balls. This gets challenging as you advance to higher levels. There are some 2,180 levels in the iOS version of this game, and it is captivating to the max.Everyone simply loves to pop bubbles and score points. It’s great for iOS (iPhone and iPad), and all you need are 3 colours to pop bubbles. If you burst 7 bubbles simultaneously, you will enjoy a fireball, and if you destroy 10+ bubbles at the same time, you will receive a bomb. New effects and game levels are continually being added, and you don’t even need Wi-Fi to play. Words cannot express how great this puzzle game is, so they don’t use any – it’s about bubble popping fun.

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