Pet Gadgets for Your Furry Friends in 2020

If there was a gadget that could make your pet’s life easier and better, would you get it for them? Well, you have thousands of options to pick from. Pet technology is a billion-dollar industry with hundreds or thousands of new gadgets coming out every year. These gadgets meet a variety of needs, from everyday chores such as feeding to making your furry friend’s life more fun.

Here is a review of some awesome pet gadgets that your furry friend would absolutely love.

GPS Tracking Collar

Pets get lost easily, and the likelihood of this happening is higher when you are away. This is why it is prudent to have a GPS tracking collar to keep track of your pet’s movements. This tracker will point out your pet’s precise location so that you don’t go crazy combing the neighborhood when the unimaginable happens. You can even get alerts on your smartphone when your pet leaves the compound using geofencing technology.

Some of the modern GPS tracking collars track more than just your pet’s movements – they go as far as monitoring and tracking their health. They do this by measuring aspects such as heartbeat rate and hormonal changes. This means that you can tell when your pet’s health is in danger.

Smart Pet Feeder

Your pet shouldn’t starve or go rummaging in dumpsters because you are away. Leaving the food and water out is not very helpful, and getting a neighbor to feed your furry friend may be asking for too much. However, you cannot go wrong with a smart pet feeder.

A smart pet feeder is programmable to put the food and water out for your furry friend at set meal times. You also get to determine how much food and water your pet gets, so you can still adhere to a balanced diet. Some advanced pet feeders also come with a camera to monitor pets, microphone, and screen so that you can summon your pet for his/her meal and talk to them during mealtime. Some pet feeders are also big enough to store several days’ worth of food, which is ideal for traveling pet owners.

Cooling Collar

The summer heat is becoming increasingly unbearable. When summer kicks in, one of the easiest ways to keep your pets cool is by using a cooling collar.

It may look like just another scarf, but this pet cooling collar is designed to hold water and maintain its cool temperatures. Just dump the collar in cold water for several minutes, take it out, and then wrap it around your furry friend’s neck. The scarf will stay cold for long enough to cool your pet down. The collar also looks stylish, so it is just as much about fashion as it is about convenience. This collar is especially great when walking your pet outdoors during summer.

iFetch Fetching Toy

Dogs never get tired of playing. For their owners, however, the fun can only last so long. Still, you cannot break your furry friend’s heart.  The iFetch fetching toy can do all the throwing for you when your arm grows tired, or when you simply have something better to do.

The iFetch toy is easy to use. All you have to do is feed balls inside the cannon and turn it on. The toy launches the balls 30 feet away, thus giving your dog enough landscape to work with.

Paw Cleaner

It is always annoying when your dog or cat comes in and leaves a trail of muddy paw prints all over the house, right? Some pets just don’t learn. However, you may be to blame since your pet cannot clean its paws, and sometimes the outdoors is just so irresistible. Well, your pets can now clean their paws using a Paw Cleaner.

This handy gadget is lined with silicone bristles that clean the mud and any other dirt particles off your pet’s paws. The bristles are soft so that they don’t hurt your pet’s paws. The dirt comes right off when your pet steps on the bristles.

The Paw Cleaner is also easy to use. All you have to do is add some soap and water and do a little scrubbing.


Is your dog the kind to look frightened or secluded when left alone? This is perfectly normal – dogs are emotional creatures, and they often suffer from anxiety. Whenever you are away, you can always leave your dog in the fine hands (figuratively speaking) of the iCalmDog.

The iCalmDog uses therapeutic techniques to calm your dog down whenever it is anxious. This includes four hours of soothing music to keep your dog relaxed – dogs enjoy music too.


Your pet deserves all the love and fun you can offer. Technology can come in handy with any of these tech gadgets for pets. These gadgets are both fun and convenient for your furry friend. You will also find that they are convenient for you too.

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