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Is Fiber optic internet better than others?

The future of broadband depends upon the fiber optic internet services. Fiber optic internet is an internet connection, and by using fiber optic cables, it transfers data via the light web.

Now, let us find what fiber optic cable is? The way water flows through the pipe fiber optic cable also does the same. Instead of water, it carries light signals over long distances with low attenuation. The optical cable is made up of a thin strand of glass or plastic.

What does fiber optic internet do?

Optic fiber is getting familiar with a brand new technology. Fiber optic internet is undoubtedly very useful. By optical technology, fiber optic cable carries information from one place to another. The speed of such an internet connection is 1 Gigabit/second, which is 100 times faster than the copper wire connection. A various number of layers are there in the fiber optic strand. Silica glass or plastic core acts as a conductor.

A refractive coat covers this core which is called cladding, and it provides a reflective surface. The third layer is a buffer coating to protect against moisture and damage. If someone wants to send information via a computer, he/she needs to connect his/her computer with a laser that converts the electrical information into the light surface.

Different types of fiber internet connection:

Mainly three types of Internet Connection are there:

The first one is FTTN – Fiber to the node. Broadband connections are provided by FTTN. Fiber optic cables carry data to a central node and the rest of the way DSL or coaxial cables carry the data. The second one is FTTC – Fiber to the curbs. These are mainly used to replace plain old telephone service. FTTN is less deep than FTTC. And the last one is FTTH. Fiber to the home, which is known as ‘100% fiber-optic network’. In today’s network, FTTH is the most important technology.

Why does fiber optic internet stand out over cable internet?

Data transmission of fiber optic internet is faster than basic cable. In cable internet, the purpose of using a coaxial cable is to transmit data. A copper core is situated inside the coax cable which is insulated with aluminum.  Both internet connection and television networks can be supplied by the coaxial cable. But for accessing the cable internet, a cable modem and a cable modem termination system are needed.

In the case of fiber optic internet, the internet connection can be transmitted by using fiber optic cable. As it is made up of thin strands of glass, these kinds of fibers can carry information over a long distance. As the fiber optic cable consists of glass and doesn’t conduct electricity, there is no risk of electrical disruptions. That is why fiber optic internet is more reliable than coaxial cable.


  • Fiber optic internet is faster than a copper internet connection, and the range is about 5 Mbps to 1000 Gbps.
  • Fiber optic is undoubtedly cost-effective.
  • Fiber optic cables can transmit over a long distance.
  • The internet connection is highly secured.

How fast is fiber optic internet?

For a 4-minutes song, the approximate file size is 4mb, 1,000Mbps fiber connection is 0.03second. For the 9-hours audiobook, the file size will be 100 Mb, and the 1,000Mbps fiber connection is 0.9 seconds. In the case of 2 hours, HD movie approximate file size will be 4.5GB and 1,000Mbps fiber connection is 38 seconds.


In a nutshell, it may be concluded that fiber optic internet is not only better but also its onward advancement is an indispensable part of progressive civilization.

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