Learn More About The Pros And Cons Of Online Video Marketing

Videos are the lifeline of the online content creation world. 

We can categorize the online video market into two category buckets. The first is educational or informational videos, and the other is recreational content. Both of these video formats make up for over seventy percent of the internet.

With the invocations in high-speed internet and widespread use of mobile devices, video creation took a whole new peak. The rising popularity of the social media wave has also been a massive factor in making this shift. Infinite scrolls and millions of video pieces, there is a little something for everyone.

Making videos has never been easier. Even a typical user can use an Instagram video editor online to create professional-looking videos in a matter of seconds. But does this mean the video world is free of drawbacks?

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of online video marketing to understand this ecosystem better.

Pros Of Video Marketing

As a consumer of online content, we have all had days when you spent hours surfing from one video to another. The impact of videos is very vivid in our lifestyle. Here are the major positives of online videos.

1. Better Engagement

Based on a survey by the CMI or Content Marketing Institute, users spend over ten times more time on video content. Plus, they are more likely to engage with video content online over any other medium. Video has become an essential tool irrespective of the platform it is placed on.

2. Easy To Grab (And Retain) Audience Attention

Video content is both an audio and visual medium. This gives it a superior advantage as it can genre better audience retention

The generation that surfs the internet today has statistically low attention spans. One research shows that a user spends only seven to eight seconds on a piece of content, and moves on if they do not grab interest.

3. Online Aids To Produce Videos

Making video content is easy because it has a significant online support system. Multiple tools are at the disposal of content creators and marketers. 

They do not need high-end studios to make simple promos. Using a free promo video maker online, they can get top-quality videos and animation.

These tools are simple to use and typically come with a drag-and-drop interface. A platform like InVideo also comes with pre-set templates, which reduce the video-making time substantially.

4. Diversity In Content-Type

Videos are a diverse content type. This means it can be used for multiple advantages. A video can be both informational as well as entertaining. They can be tailor-made to any language, any size, or any format.

For example, a video made in Japan can still gain traction in the US by subtitling. Silent videos and animation are global and do not need to be recreated for each region.

5. Social Media Popularity

Social media loves videos. More than 65% of online users first look for solutions to problems on Youtube over other search engines. And videos on social media gain 65% more videos than any other platform. 

These free mediums are a playground for video content. If your ideas can be transformed into a video, why do it any other way?

The rise in demand for video on social media has changed platforms to make them more conducive for videos. Facebook has introduced a “Facebook watch,” which is a dedicated video section. Likewise, IGTV and Insta-Live have revolutionized online video consumption.

6. Better SEO Benefits

Video embeds on your website or page benefit your business in two ways. Firstly, it helps the users understand the information in the fastest possible way. 

Secondly, videos enhance the SEO ranking of your page. A page with videos on it can notice an over 150% rise in organic growth.

Cons Of Video Marketing

No domain is free of shortcomings. If we break down the complexities of video marketing, we will notice that there are still a few drawbacks to this process.

1. Not Suitable For All Demographics

Some groups of people do not prefer video content; while this is a small market, they cannot be ignored. Research students, scientific communities, and avid news consumers do not prefer the online video medium. They find it hard to check facts on videos or follow citations.

When information exchange is involved, video often struggles. This is the primary difference between reading and watching. Reading encourages learning, while videos can also prompt distractions.

2. Higher Overheads

While the online tools for video making are free, the initial cost of video creation is very-high. Even a reasonable-quality phone costs close to $300. 

A starting range camera, basic sound recorder, and lighting equipment are all necessary overheads, if you lack light in your videos it will spoil everything. Although they are a one-time-investment, they are a considerable sum.  

Hiring a professional for complex shoots and post-processing studios do not come cheap. With the rise in demand for video content, film-creators have also leveraged the market to make the big bucks.

3. Country-Based Limitations

Developing countries and rural pockets of developed countries still do not have the internet bandwidth to stream and consume video content. Poor internet connectivity and the lack of mobile and computer devices are also a reality.

Some countries also have data exchange conflicts. This means certain websites that are available in the USA might not be available in another country as per government regulations. 

For example, Facebook is not an existing social media platform in China as the government controls the internet and applies multiple restrictions.

In Conclusion

It is evident from the above discussion that the pros of video marketing outweigh the cons. Videos have evolved over time; all you need a mobile phone today to be a top-notch video creator. 

What defines good content is not just the production value or the experience camera; it is the core message you convey via your content.

The authority on marketing and advertisements, Seth Godin, famously said: “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories, you tell.” 

On YouTube alone, over five-billion videos are watched each day. If you want to leverage videos for marketing, then quality over quality should be your game-plan.

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