Pros and Cons of Online Anonymity in 2020

Are you using a fake username to search online? Or do you avoid using your confidential identity to seek protection from hackers? Do you post blogs with anonymous usernames? Or rely on an anonymous username for posting comments? Whatever you do online gets traced when you’re using a confidential identity. Though, the case is reversed with online anonymity.

What do you understand with online anonymity? With online anonymity, one can understand as hiding personal identity from online media. Now, the question is- Can anonymous blog posts be traced? Not at all! With an anonymous blog post, you’re offered complete identity protection, which remains confidential with you only. You don’t need to use your real name or personal details when going anonymous over the web. Going anonymous online ensures that your identity is not revealed to anyone. Also, you can’t even be traced when using an anonymous username. Often, people think that online anonymity is the safest and beneficial thing though there are different pros and cons of anonymous blogs.

Anonymity isn’t a new concept since it exists for ages. Presently, the trend of shopping online is increasing day-by-day. Seeing the rise of internet users all over the globe, people are seeking anonymity online to prevent any identity threat or so on. No doubt, there’s both positive and negative side of online anonymity. It can just be a single piece of data that can lead to a havoc situation in the country. Especially, people feel afraid of posting any comments or information upon any popular personality or a powerful person. Though, all this fear gets away with anonymous profiles.

Want to know both sides of online anonymous in one go? If so, then continue your reading.

Pro: Freedom to speak

When you’re using your confidential username, you would think twice before speaking anything or posting your opinion. It’s a major issue to speak up confidently over the web over sensitive issues using your confidential identity. Though, the same thing gets easy when you use anonymous identity over the web. You get the freedom to talk about all the mishappening or speak up over sensitive issues like society or politics. You’ll always be protected from any identity threats. When you’re using your real identity, you may worry about what your friends or relatives will think about you over your opinions. Though, anonymity gives you the freedom to talk upon any subject, idea, opinion, or news without worrying about your known or unknown ones.

Con: Spread of negative comments

Many times, people use online anonymity as a way to pass negative comments or do unlawful activities. It is one of the biggest limitations attached to online anonymity. There’s no restriction on what type of information, post, or comment is to be made by using anonymous identity! This gives the harassers a chance to post any undesirable content or upload any bad stuff. No one can catch the anonymous person for taking any legal actions against the spreading of fake information. Even people use anonymity to pass bad or negative comments on someone’s profile.

Pro: Safety of identity

What’s your first concern when you make any purchase online? Seeing the current trend of online shopping, people are worried about security identity and safeguarding sensitive details. One of the major concerns among online shoppers is about credit or debit card information safety from hackers online. What’s the best solution to make safe sales or purchase online? In such a case, it is best to go anonymous. Safeguarding your sensitive details such as passwords or credit card can be easy with online anonymity.

Con: Rise in online crimes

When people use anonymous accounts, it is not possible to identify, which reduces accountability. With anonymous identities, people get open the door to commit several online crimes or conduct unacceptable behavior. This can even leave society unable to take any actions against the anti-social acts. With online anonymity, there is a high rise in online crimes, including harassment, frauds related to credit card, DOS (denial-of-service) attacks, hacked accounts, and so on.

Pro: No spy from government

Often, people tend to feel scared in speaking against any political action or a powerful politician using real identity online. Though this condition gets reversed with online anonymity, Using anonymous profiles, people get the power to speak up on the sensitive issues of politics without worrying about government tracking. Citizens with anonymous identities can’t be traced by the government. This ensures complete privacy and freedom to take out sensitives issues loud in public to fight against wrongdoings.

Con: Leakage of sensitive information

Anonymity gives citizens the power to come up with any information or data without thinking about getting traced. One can’t even impose any legal charges against the anonymous identity for posting sensitive information of any organization or so on. People lose any threat or fear of getting caught for posting sensitive details out in the world.

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