So the hype of iPhones for 2017 is over after Apple had announced its smartphones named iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X aka iPhone 10. So the question arises here is that what will be the next iPhone or iPhones from Apple?.

The newly launched smartphones iPhone 8 series started shipping to the customers, while the iPhone X (10) will go on sale from November 3. But the chatter has already started about the next iPhones which are going to come in 2018.

 So let’s not waste much time and check out below.

These are next iPhones Expected

iPhone SE 2 or SE Plus

iPhone SE 2 could be the next iPhone from Apple. We had already leaked some details about its launch and manufacturing on our site. The SE’s successor will be totally manufactured in India as per the trusted sources, the launch date of this smartphone is expected to be in Q1 of 2018 or else it can also land in Q2.

Apple is the market leader and is looking to target the youth countries like India to grow their base.

The iPhone SE 2 will be a mid-range device from Apple in India, the phone is expected to cost around Rs. 30,000, which is around $467 in US. We had all seen the previous iPhone SE devices were manufactured in China, later they tied up with a Taiwanese contract manufacturer called Wistron for assembling the iPhone SE in Bengaluru, India.

So Apple is already manufacturing SE in India and they will be also manufacturing its successor which could be called as iPhone SE 2 OR Plus. We had this information first and it was later confirmed by Focus Taiwan after speaking to CNA.

As per the reports, the company will export their smartphones from India to other countries like America (USA), China, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia and more. India is the fastest growing smartphone country in the world, where most of the smartphone companies from around the world have set up their base. So if you are interested in reading more in-depth, then you can visit below as we have created a detailed post about the iPhone SE 2.

iPhone 9 and 9 Plus

iPhone 9! Yes, you heard it right, the next iPhone from Apple could be named as iPhone 9 according to the rumors. It will be the successor to its previous devices named iPhone 8 and Plus. However, take this information with a pinch of salt, as there are some chances for the iPhone 9 and 9 Plus.

If It becomes a reality then it will be packed with similar specs compared to the iPhone 8 series. However, it will get more RAM and upgraded processor, the camera would go up to 13MP instead of 12MP but in terms of quality, it will improve a lot.

iPhone 9 series will be priced identically to the 8 series. The screen of so-called iPhone will not be a OLED, as per some strong rumors. However, the name is still unclear of the iPhone 9.

iPhone (2018)

iPhone (2018)! Yes, the next iPhone could just be called an ‘iPhone’. Because now they are messed up with their series and from now on Apple could just name it iPhone without any numbering. Thus, we will see the upcoming iPhones being tagged with a year like 2018, 2019, 2020. It will be called iPhone only but now people will use to call 2018 edition rather than any specific name. Suppose if they launch a smartphone named iPhone 9, but they already have iPhone 10 and hence there are chances of confusion among the public.

If we talk about its specifications, it can be a pure bezel-less device like iPhone 10. The device will come with an all-new chipset inside and it will be a powerful chip off all time in the smartphone history. The camera setup of the device is expected to be 16MP at the back.

There will be no OLED screen in this smartphone which we have explained at the end of this post, that why they will not go for a OLED screen, instead they will use a LCD panel. There are chances that the price can be around 900$, unlike iPhone X which starts at $999.

iPhone 8s and 8s Plus

The iPhone 8 series is already there, so there are some odds of expecting the iPhone 8s and 8s Plus. This is not a new concept which we are talking about as Apple had already done these things in the past like we have witnessed iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. So to upgrade their smartphones of 8 series they may launch 8s series this time, and also there will be a flagship device like we are calling it a 2018 edition of iPhone, again Apple can introduce 3 smartphones.

For the specifications, we can expect some upgrade from 8 series in terms of RAM, processor, and camera. The design will be same but you all know that we are heading in future so there are chances of being bezel-less, not like iPhone X, but the 8s series will have very thin bezels from the side. The screen will be a LCD this time. The prices of these smartphones will be similar to the iPhone 8 series. But this rumor should also be taken with a pinch of salt as there is not enough chatter regarding these devices yet.

iPhone X Plus

There are also some rumors about iPhone X Plus. This device will launch next year alongside the successor of the iPhone X. This upcoming smartphone is expected to come with a large display and as per the rumors, it will have a 6.4-inch display. It will be the biggest display on an iPhone yet as the biggest display so far is 5.8 inch on the iPhone X. This will be mainly targeted at the creators who currently use the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

The design is expected to be the same as the iPhone X but we can expect some upgrade in terms of specifications, 16MP camera, more powerful processor, and more RAM. The price of this smartphone is expected to be more than the iPhone X which means that the iPhone X Plus could start at $1099. It is also rumored that they are working and preparing A12 Bionic chipset for the iPhone X Plus. We had witnessed that iPhone was the most powerful device on the earth last year, but now it looks that many Android devices have taken that crown from Apple. So the new A12 Bionic chip will help the company the get back that crown.

LCD over OLED display?

Yes, there are more chances of using LCD display over the OLED display in the next iPhones by Apple. The main reason is that Samsung is the biggest supplier of OLED displays now and the iPhone X displays are also sourced from Samsung. As per the information, Samsung is charging around $110 for each iPhone X display and hence the price of iPhone X is comparatively higher.

Thus, Apple might switch to LCD displays again as they are in talks with some Japanese companies who have cracked the process of manufacturing better LCD panels which are similar to OLED panels in terms of quality. Also, Apple is looking to set up an in-house display manufacturing facility in the near future. Thus, we can expect both LCD and OLED displays on different iPhone models in 2018.

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