Introduction to Mouse Types You will get in the Market

With the development of science and technology, computers have entered people’s life. From the earliest large computers to desktop computers, notebook computers and tablet computers have evolved. The mouse is a necessity for computers. Many categories have emerged with the changes in computers. 

The world’s first mouse was invented by Stanford University. At this time, the mouse has only one button. The bottom consists of two pulleys. Which can only move back and forth or left and right. It is far less convenient to use than it is today. The data cable of the earliest mouse was in the arm direction. But then people found out that this would block the wrist. So they put the data cable on the other side. This is the embryonic form of modern mice, and all mice have been upgraded on this basis. 

In 1973, there was a major change in computers. Graphical user interfaces appear on computers. The computer display method we use today. In order to match this graphical user interface, people apply trackball technology to the mouse. In this way, the mouse can move in any direction. 

After that, the change of the mouse is not obvious, only small functions. In the 1990s, optical mice appeared. It determines the movement of the mouse through the contact between the mouse and the pad. This kind of mouse is the mouse we often use today. After that, the mouse basically did not change much. 

In the 21st century, the current mouse can basically be divided into a wired mouse. Wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse. 

The wired mouse is not much different from the previous mouse. They are all connected to computers through data cables. With the progress of science and technology, wired mice have many styles to choose from. For example, the heavy mouse specially designed for games is heavier than the ordinary mouse. Or a mouse with a variety of side shortcuts. There are some game companies that will develop competitive mice for their own games. It can be said that the wired mouse is currently the most widely used and comprehensive mouse. 

In fact, Bluetooth mouse and wireless mouse look no different. The reason why we distinguish them is that they are connected in different ways. Wireless mice have their own wireless connectors. It can be connected to computers through USB sockets. But tablet computers generally do not have a USB interface, so they need Bluetooth mice. Bluetooth mouse can be used as long as it has Bluetooth function. HONOR’s Bluetooth mouse is famous for its superior performance. So many people like to buy HONOR Bluetooth Mouse

In addition to the above three common types. There is an ergonomic mouse, which is specially designed for those who often need to use mice in their work. Long-term use of the mouse is likely to cause hand injuries. This mouse can relax the user’s wrist and avoid illness. 

These are some common mice. When purchasing, you must choose according to your own needs. 

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