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MediaTek VS Snapdragon Processor Full Detailed Comparison 2021

As we are in the 21st century, there is no limitation of technology and one of the most famous examples of emerging technology is our smartphone. Day by day they are getting more and more ripped as well as more powerful. When we talk about the performance of the smartphone, everyone knows that about which factor the performance depends, the hardware offered by the brand and the optimization done by the developers/engineers. And one of the best examples of correct optimization and hardware is the iPhone, but as more than 70% market share is for Android so in this article we will be focusing on Android only. When we think about the processors powering Android devices, the two most popular names which come to our minds are Qualcomm and MediaTek. So in this post, we are comparing the two processor makers MediaTek VS Snapdragon by 2019- 2020.


Read About Qualcomm Snapdragon VS MediaTek vs Processors


Firstly we are talking about the MediaTek, that what the company is offering and in the comparison, we are only considering the power-packed SoC’s from the two manufacturers. MediaTek is the inventor of the first Deca-Core processor which means the power of 10 Cores in a smartphone, sounds amazing which means more data can be processed at a time and which inherently results in better parallelism. The top-notch series of processors offered by MediaTek includes- Helio X27(MT6797X) and Helio X30 (MT6799)Helio X25(MT6797T)Helio X20(MT6797), they also have P series processors named Helio P20(MT6757), Helio P25(MT6757T), including recent Helio P60 and the latest Helio P70 and P90. Let’s talk about the basic structure of the manufacturer MediaTek. Their P-series processors like Helio P10/P20/P25 including P60 and P70 P90 are the chip with ample amount of power and efficiency, let us make this easy for you these SoC’s are not the Flagship one but still has the potential to handle all modern apps. While on the other hand their X-series processors like Helio X25/Helio X20, Helio X27 and X30/40 were known for their mind-blowing performance, however, for now, they are almost extinct in smartphones. One of the biggest merits of these chips is that they are cheaper than the competition that is why you people may have noticed that in most of the Chinese smartphones, they are using MediaTek SoC’s. They offer a lot of similar performance to that of the rivals and still are a bit cheaper.

The latest smartphones from a Chinese manufacturer has proved that what a MediaTek chip can do, the phone is priced somewhere near to 219$ and still scored a reputable 1,10,000+ score in the Antutu test. We do not blindly believe in the rough scores the, processor has the potential to match the performance of the other processors available out there, and the smartphone was using an Helio X27, while the Helio X30 has a 141982 AnTuTu score which is also great, this also indicates that their future processors like X35 and X40 will be top class and they will provide way better performance than their predecessors.


Now we would like to talk about the top processors from the house of Qualcomm- Snapdragon 650/660/675Snapdragon 652/653Snapdragon 430/435, Snapdragon 625/626, Snapdragon 630/636, Snapdragon 710/720 also they have some flagship processors like Snapdragon 835, 845 855, and the beast Snapdragon 865. These all were the best processor offered by Qualcomm in 2019-2020. Some chip like Snapdragon 425/430/435/450 were targeted to the budget focused phones while others were targeted to the extreme users as we all know processors like Snapdragon 845, 855 and Snapdragon 636,660,710 don’t need an introduction. And in 2019-2020 Qualcomm is the only brand that has powered a dozen of Flagship phones like, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Nokia 6.1, 7.1 Plus, LG G7, Samsung Galaxy S9/S10 Edge, Asus Zenfone 5Z, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 4, Galaxy S20. Note20, OnePlus 8 Series, and many more.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 vs. Mediatek P70 (Were Popular in 2017)

And now we will compare the processor from each brand which falls in the same category. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 vs. MediaTek Helio P70, however, it is very difficult to tell and these devices help us to make you understand the difference between the two is the Xiaomi Mi A2 vs. Realme U1. If you are the one who believes in the numbers then in the raw performance MediaTek Helio p70 take over the Snapdragon 660, but if we take a closer, then Snapdragon 660 is octa-core chipset whereas P70 also an Octa-Core chipset that has 8 cores, Helio P70 has a combination of 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores and 4 ARM Cortex-A73 cores whereas Snapdragon 660 has 8x Qualcomm Kryo 260 CPU which is the reason behind the slight change in the performance of both. If you were a person who likes to root, flashing custom Roms then go for the Snapdragon 660 otherwise that much change in performance of Helio P70 doesn’t make any big difference. The Antutu Scores of the two were good however AnTuTu scores also depends on other factors including the processor. The MediaTek’s P70 scores 150,000+ points on AnTuTu while the Snapdragon 660 scores 130,000+ which also indicates that you might get some boost in terms of performance in MediaTek P70 Processor. Both of the processors are supported and powered by AI (Artificial intelligence) in this case your smartphones were capable of improving performances itself like they can set best modes for cameras and also close the unwanted apps to improve the battery performance and more.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 vs. MediaTek Helio X25 (Were Popular in 2015-2016)

Now the next comparison is of Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 vs. MediaTek Helio X25, And for making this comparison easy, we were considering the following devices- LeEco Le 2 Pro vs. LeEco Le 2(Indian version). Snapdragon 652 is an Octa-Core processor whereas Helio X25 is a Deca-Core processor. If we compare them in the raw performance then Helio X25 has a slight edge over the Snapdragon 652, Helio X25 scores 91000 in Antutu whereas Snapdragon 652 scores around 82000. Snapdragon 652 has a combination of 4 x Cortex A72 cores with 4 x Cortex A53 cores while Helio X25 has 2 x Cortex A72 cores with 8 x Cortex A53 cores. When it comes to real-time usage both processors were more than sufficient and can handle heavy multi-tasks easily but as we all know there is a better development for Snapdragon processors, so there are more custom things available to flash but in MediaTek chipsets the future development is not that good, but in raw performance, Helio X25 has a slight edge which we can’t ignore.

Snapdragon 855/855+ vs Helio X30/P90 (Were Popular in 2019)

Qualcomm had Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 855+ as an extreme performer while MediaTek had its Helio X30, P70, and P90. First of all, in synthetic benchmarks, the Snapdragon 855 and 855+ holds the lead as it scores an unbelievable score while the Helio X30 and P90 are very far left behind. Both processors are different from them as Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 855 is an Octa-Core and holds stronger chip while Helio X30 is a deca-core soc and P90 is an octa-core chip which holds less powerful cores out of the box. By reading it, most of you will probably think that a Deca-Core will perform better than the Octa-Core, but in real-time, the story is the opposite. We are not saying that Helio X30 is a bad chip at all, but when it comes to competition, a small margin should be considered. We are not going too much deep as we are not here to put you in a fix, we are here to give you the conclusion, So according to us in versus Snapdragon 855 and even 855+ is ahead by a strong margin. The Snapdragon 855 and 855+ chip is very recent but in 2019-2020 but many upcoming flagship smartphones have it.

Snapdragon 865 vs MediaTek Dimensity 800 and 1000 and 1000+ 5G

They both are beasts from the house of Qualcomm and MediaTek. The Snapdragon 865 uses Samsung’s 7nm EUV process which said to be 15% to 20% more efficient if we talk about the Dimensity processor they also run on the same technology. The Dimensity 800 falls under the mid-range category of the processors, recently Oppo A92s was seen with this processor which had a price tag of under $400 which makes complete sense for the so comparing it with 865 is not justifiable.

But Dimensty 1000 comes loaded on a flagship smartphone and that makes sense to compare these both processors. Talking about the Snapdragon 865 has a single A77 core that gives max clock speed, there is also 3 A77 cores and four A55 very power-efficient cores, while the Dimensity 1000 got MediaTek comes with 4 powerful A77 cores and there are 4 energy-efficient A55 cores with the maximum clock speed of 2.6GHz.

So till now, you got an idea about the most powerful processor in the specs paper, Snapdragon 865 is the clear winner. The AntTuTu benchmark also has a clear difference on both of the smartphones SD 865 hits almost 600k score whereas the Dimensity 1000 reaches approx 500k which makes still a noticeable difference b/w these two devices and the clear winner is the Snapdragon 865 here.

In the GPU department, Snapdragon 865 has Adreno 650  whereas Dimensity 1000 has Mali-G77. Both are good, but here also the winner is Adreno 650 because it comes with plus points and more features if we compare to the MediaTek’s processor, the Adreno 650 can support display up to 144Hz whereas the Mali-G77 has support for high refresh rate displays up to 120Hz. There are many differences and with that comparison, and now you have an idea about which processor is going to be good in Graphical experience.

So for now, undoubtedly the clear winner is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865. But we all are aware of the fact that the tech world is highly dynamic and it keeps on changing regularly, So it can be possible that in the upcoming future the situation will be different. For detailed comparing you can check the specs below of these two processors. 

The MediaTek is also rumored for Density 1000 Plus which will be upgraded to 1000. It is currently said to be packed with a new upcoming Redmi phone called K30 Pro and others. It will support up to 144Hz display and also you can use dual 5G SIM into it. But still beating the supreme 865 is a long way to go.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865MediaTek Dimensity 1000
CPU Core countKryo 585, Octa-core CPUOcta-core CPU
CPU Architecture Built1x 2.84GHz (Cortex A77)
3x 2.42GHz (Cortex A77)
4x 1.8GHz (Cortex A55)
4x 2.6GHz (Cortex A77)
4x 2.0GHz (Cortex A55)
CPU Clock SpeedUp to 2.84GHzUp to 2.6GHz
Process Technology7nm FinFET7nm FinFET
GPU Graphics processing unitAdreno 650Mali-G77
Machine Learning (ML) and AIHexagon 698 DSPHexa-core APU 3.0
ISPSpectra 4805-core ISP
Camera CapturingUp to 200 MPUp to 80 MP
Video Capturing8K @ 30 FPS, 4K HDR @ 60FPS, 4K @ 120FPS4K HDR @ 60FPS
Charging technologyQuick Charge 4+Pump Express 4.0
Modem technologyX55 5G Modem
7.5 Gbps Peak Download
3 Gbps Peak Upload
5G Integrated Modem
4.7 Gbps Peak Download
2.3 Gbps Peak Upload
WiFi SupportWi-Fi 6-readyWi-Fi 6-ready

Snapdragon 875 vs MediaTek Dimensity 1000

Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 875MediaTek MT6889 Dimensity 1000
Model NumberSM8350, SDM875MT6889
Launch date2021 Q12020 Q1
Lithography5nm7 nm
Number of Cores88
Number of Threads88
frequency Rate1.8 GHz2.0 GHz
Turbo frequency Rate2.8 GHz2.6 GHz
Number of Energy cores4x Qualcomm Kryo 685 Silver @ 1.8 GHz4x ARM Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz
Number of High-performance cores1x Qualcomm Kryo 685 Prime @ 2.8 GHz
3x Qualcomm Kryo 685 Gold @ 2.4 GHz
4x ARM Cortex-A77 @ 2.2 GHz
Total Cache memory2 MB2 MB
Max memory capacity can be extended16 GB16 GB
Memory typesLPDDR5 SDRAMLPDDR4X-3733
Memory channels44
Bandwidth offers44 GB/s29.9 GB/s
TDP10 W10 W
GPU integrated graphics capacityQualcomm Adreno 660ARM Mali-G77 MP9
GPU execution units capacity29
GPU shading units capacity512144
GPU clock rate– Unknown850 MHz

Meditek Vs Snapdragon for Gaming in 2021

Both the CPU chip companies are doing well and well in the field of the smartphone market and Snapdragon is also entering the field of laptops with its latest 600 series chips. There are rumours that Snapdragon will be entering into the laptop market with its 600 series chips and leaks say that it is collaborating with the most popular Indian Telecom Operator JIO to launch its first Android-based laptop in India, which is rumoured to be a 4G based Android skinned laptop. But when it comes to gaming then Mediatek has evolved itself into this field and has completely transformed the picture in the year 2020 and 2021.

They were running way back of Snapdragon in 2019 and following the steps they have come ahead of them and Snapdragon is still not focusing on its processor to be power efficient and optimised for gaming. If you are looking for a gaming Smartphone that has a Snapdragon chip then it is good to avoid it and look for Meditek chips as they are the best when it comes to gaming, otherwise Snapdragon chips are good for normal usage and in performing other tasks.

More specifically, pick the MediaTek Helio G series chipsets if your primary preference in gaming. And for daily usage and another day to day task Snapdragon is well and good.

Mediatek Vs Snapdragon for Custom Rom?

When it comes to installing custom ROMs then the Snapdragon is the most reliable and the best performer that comes out by beating all the competitors. GCam support and custom ROM support are better in all types of Snapdragon chips when compared to Mediatek chips. Most OS companies like Lineage OS and others are majorly focusing on Snapdragon-based Smartphones as Mediatek based Smartphones are reliable to install customs ROMs and users face a lot of issues when it comes to installing custom ROMs.

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  • I think it is time to update the facts presented here. With the help of MediaTek Helio P60 and MediaTek Helio P22, Mid-range segment has got great contenders for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, 636 and 660. Even my friends say so, after seeing the capability of my OPPO F7, powered by MediaTek Helio P60.

  • I think you should go with Vivo V9 in terms of processor, obviously, the Oppo F7 has a top MediaTek processor in P series but still, we belive that Snapdragon 625 is a more efficient chip, and for gaming always Snapdragon is the best choice.

  • I want comparison between Latest oppo f7 nd vivo v9 tell me which processor is best and have no heating problems. I regularly play games and use camera a lot. Please suggest me please

  • Right now, Snapdragon’s Flagship SD835 scores 180000+ whereas Mediatek’s Flagship Helio X30 scores 140000+. Well, Its the highesr ever score by any Mediatek Processor. So yeah, we can say Mediatek is improving (but, slowly) 🙂

    By the way, very nice post!

  • Redmi 4(3gb 32rom) and lenovo k8 plus (3gb 32 rom) which is better in there processor performance??? Redmi(Snapdragon 435 octa-core process)
    Lenovo (2.5 GHz MTK P25 octa-core processor ) ??plzz reply..

  • Hiii I want to buy a new phone im between redmi note 4 and lenovo k8 plus which one is better specialy camera and performence.

  • I want to know which phone is better, performance & everything….
    (1) – Oppo f3,
    (2) – Vivo v5,
    (3) – Samsung j7 Max,
    (4) – Nokia 6 (4gb & 64gb),
    (5) – Xiomi Redmi Note 4 (4gb & 32gb).

    Please reply as soon as possible…

  • G4 Plus is an amazing phone. The phone’s plastic body isn’t much appealing.SD 617 is a very capable chipset, a huge improvement over SD 615.It doesn’t hang and infact handles tasks pretty smooth.SD 617 plus vanilla Android is an awesome combination, and about processor clocking, MOTOROLA IS THE BEST.If the Author doubts he can compare the Moto X Play , with any other SD615 Phones and see for himself.

  • I want to know which phone is better, performance & everything….
    (1) – Oppo f3,
    (2) – Vivo v5,
    (3) – Samsung j7 Max,
    (4) – Nokia 6 (4gb & 64gb),
    (5) – Xiomi Redmi Note 4 (4gb & 32gb).

    Please reply as soon as possible…

  • Moto G4 Plus is out of date and when compared to new phones it hangs a lot because of the old Snapdragon 617 and poor tuning by Motorola!

  • Hello is Moto g4 plus price worthy competitive to other phones ranging in this price
    Please leave a review out

  • Which one is better vivo v5s or redmi note 4….the mediatek 6750t is better or snapdragon 625

  • Hello, the performance of the Snapdragon 616 is slightly better than the Snapdragon 430 but a lot of factors are considered when we talk about smooth performance. The MIUI is better than the Lenovo’s Vibe UI but yes performance of the 616 is undoubtedly better.

  • Hello sir,

    I am koushik and i have a question about which one is better chipset & processor in these two phones : lenovo k5 plus 3GB and redmi 3s prime, because while comparing between these two, the k5 plus has a 3GB RAM and SD616 SoC where the 3s prime has same 3GB RAM but SD430 SoC……!!and also the k5 plus costs 8,499 INR and the 3s prime costs 8,999 INR,

    So what is better by performance between these two phones kindly suggest me soon…….

  • If you are looking for pure performance than blindly go for the Z2 plus. And if you are interested in selfie camera than can choose any one of the two. Neither Vivo V5 nor Gionee A1 comes with a powerful performance.

  • Hello sir . Which one is good Lenovo Z2 plus, vivo V5, or Gionee A1..I want to buy any one of these…Which one is good.

  • Hie, According to us you should go for the LeMax 2 as it offers Snapdragon 820 SoC which is a pure performer and can outperform even some present flagships. It is nowhere near to the Vivo V5 Plus.

  • Hello,

    We are having the confusion between two smartphones. LeEco Le Max2 X821 (Grey, 32GB) & VIVO V5 (Space Grey, 32 GB) (4 GB RAM)

    Kindly suggest which smartphone is good as performance wise.

  • Hie Anandhu, according to us go for the latest Moto G5 Plus because it house the best SoC inside when compared to Moto M or the old G4 Plus. The Snapdragon 625 performs surprisingly well in Gaming as well as in battery saving department as it comes with FinFET technology. And when it comes to Camera, Moto G5 Plus is the silent killer, we mean it can outperform even some of the phones which costs around 30,000 INR!

  • Which phone should I buy moto m or moto g4 plus or moto g5 plus please its urgent could you give reason I’m into gaming and camera so pls reply

  • Hello G.Sakthidharan, there will be a price difference between the two because Moto G5 Plus packs a way better Camera than that of the Redmi Note 4 and secondly, Motorola’s reach and service is comparatively better than the Xiaomi. So it may be a reason that why Motorola Moto G5 Plus is a bit expensive!
    According to us you should wait for the arrival of Moto G5 plus in India.

  • moto G5 plus has SD625 and it costs around ₹16000 but xioami redmi note 4 also has SD625 and identical specs like moto g5 plus but is ₹13000.why is this cost difference?WHICH I HAVE TO BUY NOW?PLEASE CLARIFY

  • Hello Prashanth, if you want a performance oriented phone than we will prefer you Lenovo Z2 Plus over the two!

  • Hiii I want to buy a new phone im between redmi note 4 and honor 6x which one is better specialy camera and performence.

  • Hello Ramesh, we apologize for the delay in reply. According to us you should go for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, comparatively it is better than the ZTE Blade A2 Plus. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC which is better than the Mediatek’s MT6750T.

  • Hello I want buy new phone Wich one better 3 GB Redmi note 4 or ZTE blade A2plus plsaes suggest me.main confused in phone chipest and proserser

  • sir i want to purchase a new mobile under rs.15000. which processors & brand i want to buy. plz. suggest me.

  • Hi,

    PLease suggest which one is better Lenovo P2 V/s Moto M.
    I m looking a smartphone with 4gb Ram & 64GB on board memory with good Camera.
    Budget is 15K-20K


  • MediaTek is SHIT!! I have used a android phone with a stupid MediaTek chipset in it, and the performance was just crappy! The phone did react slow sometimes and it gets really HOT!! Now i use a phone with a Snapdragon chip of the “same class” as the MediaTek crap, and the Snapdragon BLOWS away the MediaTek, whatever any one would say, i KNOW from experience that the Snapdragon is the way TO GO!!

  • If you are not a performance oriented user, then blindly go for Moto G4 Plus. Other then Motorola and Google you can opt for Cool1.

  • Ok…Thanks for sharing.
    Can you suggest a good Motorola or Google phone under 20K or max 25K?

  • Hie Jaismeen, according to us in overall performance and in overall features also including Camera quality, Display, etc. We can say that Moto Z is a clear winner because even the Moto G4 Plus beats Moto M in some department.

  • Which is the better Moto Z OR Moto M while comparing its processor I.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 2 GHz OR MTK Helio P15 64-bit Octa Core 2.2 GHz

  • Hello .. guys im just having a slightly confusion to buying a mobile …please suggest me the best mobile under 18k … Should I go for moto m ..???

  • Hello Ravi, According to us the Helio P15 used in Moto M is based on latest technology and in overall it is better than the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 617.

  • Which is the best Moto G4 plus OR Moto M while comparing its processor I.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 MSM8952 OR MEedia Tek MT6755.

  • Hi,
    I habe already bought this Phone. It’s exzellent for gaming. N.O.V.A. 3 isn’t a Problem for it. You Can also play Asphalt 8 with it without Problems.

  • Does mediatek helio X25/20 is better for gaming?
    I want to buy a xiaomi redmi note 4..I am a normal gamer..I play games like coc,brothers in arms 3,N.O.V.A.3,marvel champions,mortral kombat X,…Etc.
    Does heliox20/25 will better for me?
    Or which chipset will better for me?

  • I want to buy a new phone, i am so confused within these two phones REDMI NOTE 3 vs REDMI NOTE 4……

    Tell me which is best gaming phone???????

  • Htc x9 dual ,,is it fastest for gaming , performance….
    lag or not..
    iwnt to buy this phone ..
    Agree or not…….

  • i want to buy a mobile phone under 20000, can u please suggest which one should i buy specifically for gaming purposes.

  • i want to buy best fastest phone good camera good ram and screen 5.5 good battery no hybrid please help under 19000

  • Media Tek lasts for more than 4 years which is very impressive now a days because, every day is getting more powerful more RAM more on board memory development. Not only in hardware but in software also now max. every app is now 64 bit supportive. If you see from KitKat onwards 2GB Ram is must because it needs around 700 to 800 MB Ram for only its OS(500mb) and bloatware. Before that from Gingerbread to Jellybean last version only they have 1GB Ram with the sufficient speed of multi tasking with 32 bit supporting apps. But now all are became 64 bit. As of now for multitasking and gaming performance Snapdragon is always dragon in the era of mobile computing. But if you use a Jellybean OS mobile with 1GB Ram from Snapdragon processor definitely you will scold the processor and memory management. But if you take same in Mediatek still it is a champion will not lag that much. OK as per other comments Mediatek is not that much useful for firmware or OS upgrades. But Snapdragon does. So for long time running without lagging without that much updates Mediatek is superb. For Medium time running means 1.5 to 2years With upgrades Snapdragon is beast.

  • hey frend i purches one & two days lenovo vibe s1 in which MT processor ,and other hand samsung on 7 snapdragon processor …plz tall me good performance processor ….who is good in these..

  • Pls tell me which phone is better to buy Oppo Neo 7 4G (Black, 16 GB) or Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus 3 GB (Silver, 16 GB) with a normal use not much gaming but different utilities app to use

  • I’m planning for a mobile with good battery backup, memory, browsing and clarity in audio, photos & video. Which of these is a better choice for me? Can anyone advice me plz…Gionee F103 Pro Or Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

  • Hello Nishant, If you are a Gamer type of person then you should go for Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa-Core processor and if you are a normal consumer, you often play games like Candy Crush, Pokemon Go then i will prefer you the K5 Note because Mediatek’s Helio P10 is not meant for Performance, it is a better battery saving processor with no doubts! But Snapdragon 650 can beat it badly in any task which is a performance oriented one.

  • i am confused which phone should i buy lenovo k5 note with mediatek processoor or redmi note 3 with snapdragon processor,,,,,,,,,,,,,????????

  • WTF !!!snapdragon beats mediatek in every field whether its GPU or anything else mediatek has no comparison with snapdragon cause its the best SoC of all time. And yeah snapdragon SoC never heat up except SD810

  • Is snapdragon 430 is best than mediatek helio x20
    And in snapdragon which is best 430 or. 650..

  • which phone is better coolpad note 3 lite or lenovo vibe k5 or any other similar phones (please specify names) at 7000-8000 range?

  • Hello Kishore, Go for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 because it is a way newer Chipset than the Mediatek’s Helio P10 and in terms of rooting there is more liberty of custom ROM for the Snapdragon powered phones.

  • Hii, thanks for your comment, both processors are good, somewhere Meditek is winner and somewhere Snapdragon, but in most of the cases Snapdragon takeover Mediatek.

  • so if qualcom is better than mediatek
    why other smartphone use Mediatek processor ??
    We have Advantage and Dis advantage of two processor

  • You can opt for snapdragon 820 as it is currently the best in this era and it doesnt even gets heat up very fast

  • I would like to which processors to avoid, e.g. Snapdragon 410 and 615; which are supposed to heat very much.
    So if you can provide a list of processors from Qualcomm and Mediatek it will be really great.

  • snapdragon is better if u can spend more than 20k on a smartphone…….but…..below that………no other snapdragon shit can compare with mideateck SoC…………….

  • Fake details……snapdragon is the best in all… gets more antutu benchmark than mediatek….every website says snapdragon as best except this sitesite

  • Bullshit!!
    Qualcomm is obviously better in gaming performance
    Qualcomm SoCs have their custom Adreno GPU which is better than ARM’s Mali shit.
    Mediatek is not good at all.
    and who said Qualcomm overheats.
    Only Qualcomm SD 810 overheats

  • It packs 1.3GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6753 processor, the device can have good multitasking and gaming, octa core processors usually give best in performance, if you compare with quadcore, these days you will see most of the devices running on octa core processors.

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