3 Tips for Measuring the Success of Your Mobile App

It takes a lot of time, resources, and planning to develop a mobile app. So at the end of the day, you want to know if your users are connecting with the app in a meaningful and high-converting way. The only issue is knowing how to measure this engagement accurately.

3 Tips to Measure Your Mobile App’s Success

As developers, we’re all prone to our own biases. No matter how objective you think you are, you’re still blinded by your collective experiences, loyalties, goals, and expectations. And the closer you are to something, the more difficult it is to measure its success objectively. This is true of anything, but especially a mobile app.

If you’re going to measure and truly understand your mobile app’s success, you have to begin by removing yourself from the equation. No matter how valid they may feel, you must weed out your own opinions and instead rely on objective data and user insights. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few practical places to begin:

  • In-App Feedback

The first category of mobile app feedback is “in-app feedback.” This is any sort of customer feedback that you’re able to directly generate within the mobile app itself. It can be gathered in a variety of ways, but is usually conducted with some sort of survey. 

“Asking for any and all feedback is great, but sometimes you want your customers to answer specific questions, allowing you to get structured feedback on the questions that you have,” developer Ezra Siegel writes. “When this is the case, surveys are a great tool.”

The key with in-app feedback is to be mindful of timing. The last thing you want to do is interrupt a user’s experience with an annoying pop-up or overlay. So any time you make an in-app “ask,” it has to be initiated in such a way that it feels natural and appropriate. 

Never ask for feedback when a customer is using the app for the first time and/or is in the middle of performing an important action (like completing a transaction). Instead, wait until the user is feeling good. (For example, after a shipment has arrived or they’ve beat a new level in a game.) A user is much more likely to provide feedback when they’re in a positive state of mind.

  • External Feedback

Every one of your mobile app users falls into one of three buckets: promoter, passive, or detractor. A promoter is someone who is a loyal enthusiast and will continue buying/referring to others. A passive user is someone who is satisfied but is unlikely to refer others to your app. A detractor is someone who is dissatisfied with your app and will actually impede growth through negative word of mouth.

One way to gauge the success of your mobile app is to measure the Net Promoter Score. This is done by asking users how likely they are to recommend your app on a scale of 0-10. Anyone who gives a 9-10 is a promoter. Those who give a 7-8 are passives. And finally, anyone with a 0-6 score is a detractor.

Your Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. You’ll be left with a number ranging from -100 to 100. The higher the score, the better.

NPS data can be gathered in a variety of ways, including via your website, email, SMS, or a direct link that’s sent out via one of these channels. 

  • App Data

Your mobile app’s data and analytics will tell you a lot about where things stand. As you comb through the numbers, pay particular attention to metrics like the total number of users, downloads per period, active users, retention, cohort analysis, lifetime value, and your app’s star rating in the various app marketplaces. 

Putting it All Together

Gathering and interpreting feedback is just the start. It’s what you do with these insights that matter most. Based on the data you collect, look for simple ways to improve your app’s functionality and user experience. Sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks that make the biggest difference. Trust the feedback and initiate a targeted plan of attack.

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