8 easy ways to make money online quickly

Who doesn’t like quick wins and a bit of extra cash?  Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mum or a professional looking for some additional income, the internet has opened up many new avenues of making money easily and quickly, with just a bit of resourcefulness, creativity and hard work.

1.  Legal betting websites

While different geographies have varied rules about betting, there are still many ways to place your bets online and win some quick cash. This is easily one of the most accessible options for students to make some fast money and even have fun while doing it.

Research your options online and read reviews to see how trustworthy the betting websites are.

2.  Online surveys

Many professionals and students have opted for this option of filling out online surveys in their spare time. Several research companies look for new members globally to answer surveys and provide insights regarding new products.

Imagine, making a couple of quid for a few minutes of form filling. Some surveys pay up to $5 in cash or rewards. Many well-known options are Outpost, InboxPounds, Survey Junkie, Toluna, Swagbucks etc. Another option is Swagbucks, a website that rewards you for surveys and also surfing the web or playing games/watching videos.

3.  Online casinos

An increasing number of people enjoy online gambling and find that the odds of winning are higher online than at a land-based casino. This is because online live casinos offer a lower house edge compared to land casinos. This is made possible because of the sheer number of playing online.

For instance, many online casinos offer slots or virtual slot machines, which is one of the most popular entertainment in online casinos nowadays. Research on the best strategies to increase your odds of winning at slots and try your luck at a reliable online casino such as Netbet, for example.

Netbet offers one of the most fascinating range of slot machines where not only you can make some quick money but also have loads of fun while you do it.

4.  Surfing the net and usability testing

If you are a pro at surfing the net then why not turn this skill into an opportunity to make money. Browsing websites is a fun, paid job. Many websites and platforms pay people every day to review websites and the rewards are quite good.  While each testing gig typically pays around $10, there might not be opportunities daily so you can expect to earn a decent amount of extra cash each month.

5.  Social Media Marketing

Are you a wordsmith and know the ins and outs of social media? You only need a couple of clients to start your social media marketing business. It is a freelance job that you can do from virtually anywhere. You can even sign up for free tutorials online to upskill yourself and offer your clients advanced services.

6.  Virtual assistantship

Virtual assistants are quite popular and one of the most coveted types of remote talent. Each virtual assistant job is different but there are some common aspects. VAs support their clients or assistants by answering email, transcribing documents, preparing statements, organizing their schedules and files, handling communication of other kinds and/or making travel arrangements.

Being a VA is a highly rewarding job monetarily but you will need to work at least part time every day to handle all the tasks well.

8. Microwork

If you haven’t heard about it, microwork is one of the hottest trends in the freelance/remote world. A microworker can easily earn 200-300$ per month by carrying out simple tasks on various websites.

These tasks are typically simple jobs like rating and reviewing on sites, visiting a website, identifying an object, finding contact details, doing small research etc.

Many websites now offer microwork and you should really give it a try.


Making some extra money is a great way of exploring one’s potential and achieving your financial goals. Be sure to research your options, read the fine print and take the next steps accordingly.

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