How Does a Linear Actuator Work? all you need to know

How Does a Linear Actuator Work?

Have you ever wondered how the doors to your garage get up and down when you just push the button of the remote control? Well, there is the magic wand, in case you wonder. Furthermore, this magic thing can be found completely everywhere. It makes your life easier, your time saved, just your hands may become less strong. A linear actuator is the true lifesaver for people nowadays. Still, not so many people know the principle of work of this magic thing. Today we will help you find out and explain the basics of linear actuators and where you can apply these devices.

What’s inside?

Generally, this is the cylinder with the screw inside and, of course, the motor. This mechanism creates the movement that is not circular but the linear. Here comes the name. Actually, this is the type of movement that comes in handy in householding, engineering, and even IT. Of course, the motion cannot occur on its own. There must be some energy power. So usually you will need some wires and a good battery.

In general, the mechanism resembles a stick that widens and narrows depending on the switch or remote control (if it’s plugged). That is a sliding tube, electric motor, fixed cover. There is usually a screw inside the sliding tube that rotates with the help of the lead nut making it one of the most widespread actuators. As you might have understood what you see moving in the linear actuator is the screw inside rather than the tube itself.

There is also the nut, the fixed thing that practically pushes the screw outside. By the way, it also prevents the tube from rotating with respect to the black tube, which is the fixed cover. As you have already guessed, there is a fixed cover that covers the part that is always of one size.

Speaking about the size, there are various devices to everybody’s taste. All of that depends on the length of the sliding tube. It is better to count all the length and width necessary for that particular case.

You must also know that the manufacturer of the linear actuator plays a huge role. You’d better check the forums and the reviews on the web. Real people will always give you some valuable advice.

How to wire?

For that you will need the battery. You must get some energy from some source, right? Then is why the first thing you want to find is the battery. The high-quality one. You don’t want to be economical about the energy resources that will not endure the year. That is why, plug it with some wires in the very beginning.

Well, if you are to apply some modern technologies as well, try to plug the remote as well. You will not regret spending some bucks on the innovation making the process much easier.

Where to apply?

Strengths, lengths, speed. You can choose whatever works best for your project. We have them used in car stereos to push the display out and bring it back. And here we do not speak about robotic arms, boat control, garden tractor.

All in all, here you have the basic information about linear actuators that will shed some light on the strange object that eases lives. We suggest you trying one in your projects.

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