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Best Portable Laptop Cooling Pads For Gaming Geeks

Are you gaming geeks? If yes means, you know that having fun in games with your laptop is also cause an issue of overheat. Due to long-running process, your system cause overheats which may affect its parts as well as durability. Overheating may also lead your laptop to hang frequently, so to prevent those problems you need to control the overheating of your laptop and also need to maintain its temperature secure. The cooling pad is the right option to sort of those all problems and give about laptop temperature.

What is a cooling pad? and Check these best laptop cooling pads

A cooling pad is also known as laptop cooler or chill mad is a basic accessory to your laptop that helps to reduce their working temperature when it fails to cool down itself sufficiently. Before buying a cooling pad, you need to remember the factors in mind such as Adaptability, quality, portability, extensibility and price. This article listed out the top best portable laptop cooling pads. Keep on reading, to know about its features, pros and cons.

1. Havit RGB laptop cooling pad:

Havit RGB laptop cooling pad is designed for dual purpose as gaming and office use. It commonly supports laptops up to 15.6 inches – 17 inches. It designed with mute motor and 3 large fans that provide superior airflow at whisper-quiet noise level and a cooling airflow will allow you to work all day without getting overheat. Havit laptop cooler provides ergonomic comfort with the help of its adjustable height setting that gives you a most relaxing inclined angle for all-day viewing and tying.


  • Dual USB support.
  • Slim design and light in weight is very portable to carry.
  • Having RGB lights.
  • No assemble required, just plug and play.
  • Its metal large mesh surface design to release airflow as much as possible.
  • 3 high-speed fans.
  • It has 15 kinds of RGB sidelights.
  • The Stand which supports with two adjustable heights.
  • Well built structure.


  • Little cost-efficient

2. Cooler Master Notepal X3:

Notepal X3 is a high-grade glossy UV coating that gives performance and also an elegant look. Its special aerodynamic design provides maximum cooling effect. Also reducing heat and enhance the cooling performance up to 20%. This Notepal X3 cooling pad is specially designed with a metal base and a dial wheel fan speed controller which all working in conjunction with one another to most effectively cools your laptop. An integrated USB hub provides extra connections to give you the choice to add more peripherals and drives.


  • Supports for largest laptops too.
  • Elegant look with an attractive model.
  • The built-in fan provides a great cooling effect.


  • Front vent costs you some airflow around some important components such as CPU and others.


Tree New Bee cooling pad is a very fancy one which supports almost 12 inches to 17.3 inches laptops, such as Apple Mac Book Pro Air, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell etc. These gadgets will give better performance. The aerodynamic design airflow gets rid of performance that reducing heat and upgrading cooling performance by up to 20%. It has a powerful fan with neon a blue LED helps circulate excess heat from your laptop and also an adjustable fan speed gives you the best balance between silence and performance. Specially designed to better view and typing angle.


  • Great design with an impressive visual display.
  • Contain 4 fans which are a large powerful and silent fan.
  • Ergonomic stand with an adjustable stand.
  • It has high and low shield anti-skid mats in the front to prevent the laptop from slipping.
  • Built-in with 2 USB ports.


  • Compare with other cooling pads, its supporting pieces are a little weak.


Thermaltake massive cooler is thin and light in weight, so it is easily portable. This is the first cooler which had an adjustable temperature sensor, the display control panel, aluminium design and dual 120 mm temperature regulated fans to suits users preference with various size and performance of the laptop. It provides great cooling support to avoid the overheat of your laptop.


  • Light in weight, so easily portable.
  • The ergonomic stand provides adjustable height.
  • Smart display panel looks elegant.
  • Effective cooling system.


  • It is a bit louder than 120 MM models.

5. Belkin cool spot laptop cooling pad:

This Belkin cool spot laptop cooling pad is one of the best laptop cooler on a budget. It designed to keep your laptop cool, even using them at a high capacity. It uses cooling fans to constantly give cold air to the bottom of the computer and spread the emitting heat. It can support a laptop with a screen size between 12 inches – 17 inches. This portable cooling pad provides great efficiency to your laptop.


  • Slim and lightweight so easily portable.
  • Very easy to install.
  • More effective than other cooling pads.


  • It makes the laptop a little bulky.

These are the top best cooling pad now available online. And it is very easily portable because of its lightweight and slim. So, be free from the tension about the overheat. Be free and be a gamer with full of fun. As Mippin says the laptop accessories need to clean on a regular basis. From the above list select and compare with all choose the best cooling pad and go gaming unlimited.

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