How To Reduce Your IT Costs in 2020 -20201

Whether it’s a one-person team or a huge organization, every business needs good IT software and solutions to remain competitive in today’s business climate. Having good IT can allow businesses to market themselves better online, safely store their files and allow them to perform vital automated tasks to aid the smooth running of the business. 

Despite having many advantages once in place, the main drawback to implementing a robust IT service is it’s a substantial cost for a business to take on – particularly once you consider the installation costs, maintenance, staffing costs and the energy needed to run an in-house server. Because of these drawbacks which all have an impact on your business’s budget, many owners are looking for ways to reduce their IT costs. Here are a few good ways to do just that. 

Use The Cloud 

Thanks to cloud-based computing (where all your software and files are saved remotely on a separate server through the internet) storage and hardware no longer need to be on-site for businesses to have great IT solutions. By implementing cloud computing, businesses can eliminate the cost of maintaining an expensive private server to hold their data. Instead, businesses can rent cloud resources and pay a subscription on a monthly basis, which is a far cheaper option. 

The benefits of cloud computing really are massive, as not only does it allow you to store your files in a separate location, but you can access the files from any device, anywhere, allowing your business to become more mobile. Cloud computing services also have some of the most robust security features available, meaning that your data is super safe. To learn more about what cloud computing can do for you, visit avepoint.com.

Reduce Employee Turnover 

For mid-sized to larger organizations, it’s always a good idea to have a team of IT specialists on hand so that you can swiftly and easily troubleshoot issues as well as provide updates and maintenance. It’s important that you try to reduce turnover in your IT team as much as possible, as the cost of recruiting and training new employees is high.  

To help ensure that your current staff members stay with the company as long as possible, it’s important to foster a good, healthy working environment where they feel valued and understand their importance to the business. To further improve your work environment and encourage your employees to stay, you could conduct surveys that give a better insight into how your staff are feeling and thinking – and act on the results.

Perform Less Software Maintenance 

Performing software maintenance can become really expensive if you do it frequently. Businesses can easily spend more money in five years updating the software than they did on installation – meaning that these updates can be a significant drain to your finances. To combat this, businesses owners really need to think about the right time to perform updates and when to upgrade. 

For example, if the older version of the software has the required functionality, then upgrading it may not be a necessary at that point. You can save a good amount of money by doing this, however it is advisable that you keep up-to-date with your security software and features as when they get outdated they become more vulnerable to new forms of malware and viruses. 


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