What Industries Need Cybersecurity the Most? 

It is safe to say that in the modern-day, technology plays some role in most peoples’ lives. Used at a high frequency by millions of people worldwide, it is worth noting that it also has its dangers. It can be easy for tech users to dismiss this fact. After all, when active online and using tech devices, it is likely your mind is quite occupied and not considering this factor. Although it does not happen to everyone, cybercrimes are still very much relevant and common. They are also extremely serious and can completely destroy companies and people’s personal lives. 

But who needs cybersecurity the most? The truth is, pretty much everyone. This is why cybersecurity experts are in such high demand at the moment. With nearly every company looking for the service, it is easy to see how it can be hard to find suitable candidates. Having a cybersecurity master’s would make you an extremely valuable worker to many of the biggest companies in the world. Having a professional who can prevent cyberattacks and protect data is quite frankly an invaluable need. 

Although nearly everyone requires the use of cybersecurity experts, some industries are dependent on their service. Without cybersecurity, likely, these industries could not even survive in the modern day. They would be far too exposed to harmful crimes. So here are the industries that need cybersecurity the most. 

Financial Services 

If you were a cybercriminal, what would be the first place you target? It could likely be somewhere in the financial services industry. It is understood that financial firms are a whopping 300 times more likely to be targeted by criminals than other industries. From the world’s biggest financial names to the smallest, no one is safe without the use of cybersecurity. 

It makes sense why they are such a target. After all, the entire point of their existence is to manage funds and finances. Customers have most of their funds in these companies. Not to mention they use their services to pay bills, transfer money, and shop online. 

It is common to hear of these financial services falling victim to their cybercriminals. Seeing as they are such a desirable target, the most skilled criminals will likely aim for the likes of banks. This is why these companies require the highest level of cybersecurity experts. 


The government needs to step up its cybersecurity methods. They are known for their lack of protection, which has led to plenty of errors over recent years. Considering the amount of valuable data that the government holds, their cybersecurity protocols do not match. Hackers are well aware of this, hence their frequent targeting of the government. The need for top-quality cybersecurity for this industry is unmatched, and they need to look into hiring some top-quality professionals. 


Another extremely vulnerable industry is manufacturing. A survey reported that around 40% of manufacturing companies fell victim to a cyber-attack. These crimes are not exactly a cheap experience for these firms. 38% of affected companies would experience over $1 million in damage. Cybercriminals target manufacturing companies as there is a huge variety of damage they can do. Their crimes can lead to a halt in production, defective products, and loss of information. These industries traditionally do not have the adequate security to protect themselves. It is for this reason that the criminals continue to return and conduct their attacks. Where the target is The Internet of Things. This helps manufacturers produce and gain efficiencies; however, it leaves them extremely exposed. This is due to the network being easily taken over by cybercriminals. 


Another industry that’s primary moves are financial ones; it is no wonder that they are big targets in the eyes of cybercriminals. In recent years, it has been apparent that there is a significant growth in online transactions with retailers. This comes hand in hand with a growth in cybercrime. Unlike some of the previously mentioned industries, plenty of online retailers have addressed this issue by acting upon it. For example, Amazon has a very tight security system protecting its information and data. After all, it would be a ridiculous thing to not invest time and effort into it. Millions of people have their private data stored by Amazon. Bank accounts, addresses, and countless online transactions could all be easily infiltrated had it not been taken for proper security measures. However, plenty of online retailers have not done such a good job in their security department.  

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