Top 8 Tactics to Improve Online Sales

Top 8 Tactics to Improve Online Sales

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Whether you are selling goods or providing services, increasing sale is the main goal of maximum business owners. There are hundreds of ways you can implement to reach your goal. In this article we will mention such 8 tactics that will help you to increase your sales.

1. Creating a sense of urgency:

There is nothing wrong to create a sense of urgency. This technique entices your customers to click the buy button immediately. It does not affect the transparency of your brand. There are many ways to create the sense of urgency. You need to find out the best that works for you the most.

Ex: A coupon code for a specific date like “Apply the coupon code DEC25 to avail 10% discount”, limited edition products, flash sales, free shipping on a specific day purchase, limited time sale, etc.

2. Proper use of Ad extensions:

Top search engines like Google, Bing are now allowing ad extensions; an extra place with your main ad where you can include relevant products with links. The interesting fact is that, it does not cost any extra to use ad extensions. This process increases the click through rate of your ads.

Ex. Assume that you are running an ad of sports shoe. Adding two different section like men’s sports shoe & women’s sports shoe with the main ad will definitely increase the clicks of your ad. Use this section wisely to the most out of it.

3. Offering money back guarantee:

If you don’t offer money back guarantee, to avoid the potential loss people will hesitate to buy anything from your site. You should assure your customer by removing the risk of your customer buying decision. Everybody thinks before making a purchase of the product, whether it works perfect or not for them. According to a survey of the renowned company Accenture stated that “in the computer electronics industry, most customers returned their products because they simply “did not meet expectations.” You must have to avail this facility to your customer otherwise you can’t convert your site’s visitor to a customer.

4. Invest in Clear Product Images:

A well-presented dish always tests better than a sloppily plated dish. Your product’s appearance is one of the most important things. As we perceive about the things from their appearance.

This is why a quality photography is most needed for your products. A single thumbnail is not enough to show your product perfectly. Using a couple of images from different angle can displays the whole product.

5. Do not stick with your landing pages only

We are not advising to remove the landing pages instead you should optimize your online ads. Probably you noticed call only campaigns on Google Ads or Facebook ads. Those are the perfect alternative to the traditional landing pages. People don’t want to wait for a page opening and find the contact details. Using this call-only campaign is hassle-free for your customer to reach you out instantly.

6. Make your sales page mobile friendly

Mobile leads traffic to website. The percentage is also greater than other device when it comes to deliver sales. According to a statistic of Sales Cycle “53% sales and 65% traffic for all industries are came from mobile device in 2019”. So, build the mobile version of your sales page carefully such that it opens very fast and does not break the page design.

7. Use Customer Testimonial & Registered ID

Besides the product review section another important weapon in your arsenal is customer testimonial. You can use this section anywhere to your website. A new customer can get some confidence after seeing the testimonial of your happy customers.

Registered ID is another thing you may use in your website as a trust signal. Every legal business has an ID number or certification number e.g. if you are running a business in Australia you must have an ABN (Australian Business Number) &ACN (Australian Company Number).

8. Use of Remarketing

Using remarketing for Google and Facebook ads is another way to boost your sale. Let’s say a customer visit your site and add a product to cart. But he left without buying anything. If you are using remarketing for those products, the person will see the ads on Facebook or other websites. This scenario might remind the customer about the product left behind and he can buy the product immediately.

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