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10 different ways Jigsaw puzzles can help speeding up a child’s mental development

“Spending time on solving Jigsaws can be really effective for your child!” – studies say. Puzzles help speeding up the functioning of a child’s brain if you introduce your child to it at the right time. However, there are a lot of puzzles which can be used at many instances, and Jigsaw is the least of them. 

Jigsaw is a representation of a puzzle which is based on an image. You have to get the different bits (parts) of the Jigsaw in the right sequence to solve it. 

In this article, we will be talking about the

10 different ways Jigsaw puzzles can help speeding up a child’s mental development.  

Problem Solving

The exact thing which children face up when they get to solve a jigsaw is a problem waiting for them. Solving Jigsaws teaches childrens to face problems and how they can overcome them. It involves a very intense thinking and childrens get to explore different ways how they can solve a problem. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Solving a Jigsaw requires the perfect coordination between the hand and the eye of a child. The whole process is a combination of trial and error method and the method gradually helps a child to develop the coordination between his/her hand and eye. 


Puzzle solving can be real difficult sometimes and it does take a hell lot of time. But it also teaches childrens to try and solve the bits patiently. The practice involves patience and steady mindset which is crucial for childrens to adapt to normally. 

Logical Reasoning

It is really important for a person to perform little bit of logical thinking and reasoning by which solving Jigsaws is made easy. This whole process speeds up a child’s thinking and reasoning ability bit by bit in time.  

Improved Memory

As we have discussed, solving a Jigsaw requires hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning so that it can be solved. But it also improves the capacity of a child’s memory when he/she practice the Jigsaw solving process again and again.

Focus on Surrounding Objects

You really have to pay attention to your surrounding objects when you are solving a problem. Similarly, childrens have to focus on all the parts of the Jigsaw Puzzles so that they can interconnect the bits and solve them.


Children sometime require the help of friends, elders or parents when they are solving a Jigsaw. This teaches them the importance of teamwork and how it is replicated in real life apparently. 

Structural Analysis 

Sometimes solving the Jigsaw puzzle can be tricky when it contains a lot of parts of the puzzle. This requires the person to do a structural analysis and plan according to solve the problem. You can also teach your child how to analyse something in a structural way by solving a Jigsaw Puzzle. No need to worry about finding such kind of puzzles, because there are a lot of Jigsaw Puzzles free online available. 

Meditative Benefits 

Staying focussed on something helps us let go of all the stress and anxieties. Jigsaw puzzles help childrens to focus and solve a problem with their 100% effort induced. These kind of activities are really helpful for a child to enhance his mental abilities. 

Fun Activities

Solving a puzzle is just like having any other fun activity like playing, singing which motivates your children to have a good time and relax. Solving a Jigsaw is very effective and fun as it includes such kind of activities which we discussed above. 

Solving a puzzle like Jigsaw is very benefitting for enhancing mental functions of your child as it has so many fun and important activities. You should really try introducing your children to Jigsaw puzzles as they are very interactive and helpful. Take a good look online and we are sure that you will find a good number of Jigsaw apps which are free of cost. Please let us know about your thoughts in the comments. 

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