3 Home Security Tech Innovations That Made Their Mark in 2019

The intensity of home security threats remains high across the United States, with one burglary occurring every 13 seconds on average, according to High-Security Home. With such an alarming statistic, homeowners are taking higher measures in quality security, particularly ones that incorporate their mobile devices and smart displays. In their quest for home protection, the following innovations have gained the most popular amongst homeowners looking to expand their private security capabilities.

Smart Alarm Systems

23% of burglars use first-floor windows as entry points. Thus, setting up alarms within those areas is a great way to deter those who are willing to compromise a sturdy front door lock. Security experts recommend models with at least 100-decibel alarms and the ability to be heard from yards away. This method alerts the entire neighborhood of an intrusion, scaring the burglar away. The most popular models offer remote activation, which allows them to be easily switched off to save power.

Now, with the continued rise of smart security tech, remote activation has evolved into wireless control. Smart alarms can connect to companion apps for convenient manipulation of settings via smartphones. Some models even notify homeowners when they’ve forgotten to close a window or have multiple volume settings for subtle alarms.

Improved Security Camera Systems

Systems that combine cameras into one cohesive home security network has vastly improved as a whole. A strong, well-put-together video surveillance network is often the first line of defense for homeowners. With the right equipment, one can deter intruders before they have time to enter the home, according to Houston-based security company, DSC. Newer models are more compact and therefore more inconspicuous, allowing them to accomplish surveillance more covertly.

With the improvements in Internet connectivity, this allows homeowners to upload security footage to the cloud, eliminating the need for dedicated hard drives. What’s more, is that better battery technology reduces the need for modern camera systems to be constantly hooked to a power source.

Smart Video Doorbells

Perhaps the most popular technology rising in home security has been the smart video doorbell, known as Ring. With this new feature, the smart doorbell displays a high-definition image of whoever approaches your doorstep and sends it straight to your device once the motion sensor detects them. This doorbell feature can be connected to all smart devices that are included in your home network. Not to mention, the device will instantly notify everyone that someone is approaching the property, even before the doorbell rings.

As security remains a substantial concern for homeowners, technology will continue to grow in development optimization. Equipped with the best innovations that modern technology has to offer, hopefully, we’ll see fewer unfortunate incidents now and in the future.

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