Google Photos Dark Mode Fixed All You Need to Know

The beta software comes with a lot of issues. The issues may range from the laggy interface, bugs in UI and system failure often. However, there are lots of upsides as well. Once you get over the bugs, you will experience a lot of new features in the updated user interface that comes with some new functionalities. Still, when we talk about bugs getting out of hand, this happened with the universal dark mode of Android Q and how it was implemented on the first release.

What is Google Photo?

Google Photos is a spin-off application from Google+ which was first released in 2015. It provides a cloud-based archive where you can store your photos and videos which can be accessed later from either using the application on your smartphone or using your web browser from phone or desktop. Although it is same as Google drive, yet instead of a storage device for folders, it can be considered more to be a giant photo album that comes with advanced AI and the ability for the users to edit photos.

What was the Bug?

Adopters who got early access to the beta version of Android Q found out that there was no clear way by which they could disable or enable the dark mode. As a result, they got stuck with the mode they chose before updating from Android Pie. Because of this buggy dark mode, Google Photos application was affected a lot.

If you were one of the affected users, you must have noticed that the photos looked crashed with a combination of dark menu texts on dark background and white text on a white background. These along with white navigation bar and status on dark mode did not look the app pretty at all.

Is the Bug Fixed?

Reported by Android Police, a new version 4.13 APK file has been released which is available at AndroidCrew. The newly updated app fixes most of the issues. The navigation bar along with bottom and status bar follows the dark mode and shows the menu inappropriate color combinations. The menus were made readable by using white text on a dark background.

However, the fixes did not work properly for all users. Many of them were still stuck with the buggy dark mode. As per the latest updates, Google is currently rolling out an updated version of Google Photos (version 4.13), which will fix all the issues in the user interface. If the update is not available for you at Play Store right now, you can download it from third-party app stores like APKMirror.

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