Generating Fresh Leads for Your E-Commerce Company

The basis of the work of eCommerce is a sale. No sales – no money, so the efforts of the marketer should be aimed primarily at increasing conversion to purchases. But lead generation is no less important. The difference is that the first one gives immediate profit, and the second one gives a deferred profit.

The base of potential clients should always be greater than real clients. If this is not the case with you, it means that you are not working properly with the generation of leads. This article will be useful for you to increase the number of leads and make them not just visitors, but real customers.

The attraction plan can be multi-choice, and should even contain different ways to attract the targeted traffic. The more “touchpoints” you have, the more likely it is that the visit will become a conversion.

So, we offer the plan of generating leads

Web-marketing – obligatory point.

Search and Search Marketing is the first in this checklist. Here we will include SEO-optimization and contextual advertising – known to many ways of promotion of the project, and we will add landings. The increase in conversion and lead base by means of one-page sites is becoming more and more popular method, and there are several reasons here.

First of all, if we take into account the fact that the lead only shows interest and does not want to buy goods/services, it is easier to convince him to leave contacts. According to the statistics of conversion in the case of working with a leader, as with a real buyer, is 0.1-3%, while the request to write an e-mail or phone visitors are more loyal and agree in 10-30% of cases.

Secondly, there is a rule: you ask less, you get more.

At the competent offer on landings with the help of Magento Hosting, the high generation of leads is more real, than an attempt to carry away its extensive catalog of the high-grade eCommerce.

There are several types of one-page landings that are relevant to attract lids. We highlight the following:

Lead generating portal

It is relevant to use it at a certain point in the sales funnel, but it should be kept in mind that the visitor will have to “refine” in personal contact or by phone.

Selling Lending

On a page like this, a leader can even buy a product. The main purpose of this one-page is the sale, which is clear from the name. Attention! As a rule, works only on small checks.

Subscribe page

This method is often used by companies that do not have a large budget. As you know, target traffic is expensive, and it is not uncommon for lead-generating to spend money in vain. The subscribe page was created for such cases – to reduce costs. It involves not the target client, and about-target.

E-mail marketing: “old”, but loyal

The easiest way to generate lead-generating is by e-mail. Most often use “cold” bases, somewhere downloaded, from someone bought. With proper marketing, this method gives its result, but often the quality of the leads is low. Why? The client is not ready for your proposal.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing works very well if you approach it professionally. But the work of a professional is expensive. Price justification, of course, is a good prospect for getting traffic and coverage of a large audience, but still not for every business this way is relevant.

Social marketing

Social networks are a “treasure trove” of leaders, it is only necessary to get them out of there correctly, and it is also important to choose a suitable site for your target audience. Everybody knows what distinguishing features this or that social network has? If not, here is a brief overview.

LinkedIn is aimed at maintaining business communications between partners and colleagues.

Facebook is the world’s most famous social network. It is believed that it is mainly used by people with higher education, who hold a certain position in society and are financially secure.

Instagram has gained its popularity not long ago, but even well-known world brands are promoted there. The so-called “Celebrity marketing” has a great popularity on this very site, especially in the Russian segment of the network. The companies pay considerable sums for advertising on popular pages of stars and bloggers, using thus the multi-millionth base of their subscribers.

As you have already understood, lead-generating is a very useful business for an online store, and the more leads, the better. Now let’s touch upon the topic of how to turn a potential client into a real one. Below are the ways to convert deferred income to the one you can get right now.

Tactics of involving acquired leaders

  1. Create a unique selling offer

It is very important to form an offer, which is difficult to refuse. In order to create it, it is necessary to work hard, to test the idea, to understand how it works. The fact is that entrepreneurs often live by illusions and give what they want as real. The offer should be so attractive that the client without hesitation said to himself, “Yes, I do!

In this regard, it is appropriate to remember the landings again. It is the landing page that is the perfect visual card for your unique selling proposition.

  1. Create a wish-list on the site

Wish-list is a list of names that the user would like to have but is not sure about the purchase. Often the problem with this list is that it is difficult to carry it out of the site. The user is not given the opportunity to save or post to social networks, for example.

One way for them to return leads and turn them into buyers is to provide a function of saving wish-list, for example, after the user has left his e-mail address. The seller will then be able to remind the visitor what he wanted to buy and where.

  1. Save your shopping cart function

Instead of wish-list, users often use just a shopping cart. The “pain” of the buyer, in this case, is that many online stores do not allow you to save the contents of the Cart longer than one session on the site. There are large brands that record this data on their servers and store them for several months. Small market players rarely take advantage of this opportunity, but for nothing.

  1. Offer to find out about the arrival of a new batch, goods of the right color or size

Some online stores do not synchronize the site database with what is left in stock. Because of this, the buyer may find out about the absence of an item after moving to the order placement.

Be sure to set up the synchronization of the site and warehouse, and use this weakness – offer the user to leave your phone number to report the appearance of the product in stock.

Remember that lead-generating is a guarantee that you will have customers in the future. Use new solutions and upgrade your online business. Through the same landings, we’ve offered. If you can’t order a full-fledged resource now, pay attention to online one-page generators, with the help of which you can quickly and inexpensively create a new modern portal to attract leaders and even sell existing products.

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