Samsung vs Apple: Foldable Smartphone Race who will be the Winner?

So we were hearing lots of rumor about the Samsung Galaxy X which will be a foldable smartphone. However, we came to know in our previous post that they could launch complete X series models which will include edge model and a foldable. But the rumor about the Apple’s foldable iPhone is yet very new and the sources have claimed that Apple is going to introduce its foldable smartphone in 2020.Lets first look that what we have for Samsung’s foldable smartphone which is Galaxy X, as per the rumors it will launch in the first quarter of 2019. The device was first expected to launch in 2018, but they may introduce it on the Samsung Galaxy’s 10th smartphone anniversary in 2019.

The rumored specifications are also on the market that is claiming to be massive. It will come with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, the smartphone could be powered by 6 or 8GB of RAM.

In terms of camera, it is said that it will have 40% more improved camera than the Galaxy S9. There are several render images of this device appeared recently, however still they look to be faker than reality nothing is confirmed by the Samsung’s officials.

Now lets come to the Apple’s side, for now, we don’t have any specifications for its foldable smartphone because it will launch in 2020 and still we have two more years to go, so guessing anything will be not fair. This year they are rumored to launch 3 new iPhone models and in 2019 they will also introduce their flagship smartphones.

But till then we will witness the Galaxy’s X foldable smartphone. Apple is now working with LG for the foldable displays so we believe that Apple’s device will be costlier than Samsung.

The foldable concept will be unique at that time so there is a chance that Samsung will be able to make their customers at starting, while Apple would have to work hard. We also believe that the Samsung will get a chance to improve the product to compete with Apple because Samsung will introduce its foldable phone earlier. So in 2020, they may come back with an improved foldable flagship device whereas it will be a starting for Apple at that time.

Check the evolution of the smartphone’s screen below. 


So, we can clearly say that Samsung will be a winner in this foldable race for now. However, don’t get excited because nothing is official yet from both sides. For more stay tuned to us, we will update you whenever we will have some new update.

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