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How to fix iPhone black screen? All you need to know

A few iPhone users often face a dead screen issue where their screen goes black. Sometimes, you hear the ringtone but notice a black screen. In this situation, you can’t answer your phone. Moreover, your iPhone gets stuck on a blank screen after updating your iOS firmware. A variety of things can be responsible for the iPhone black screen. There is nothing to worry because you can fix all these problems with dr.fone.

Reasons for Black Screen of iPhone

Hardware damage can be a possible reason for the iPhone dead screen. Hardware damages include bad screens, dropping the iPhone, water damage, and improper screen replacement. Sometimes, a software problem can make your screen black, such as firmware modifications. Some other reasons are jailbreaking and system crash. You may fix these issues in iPhone DFU mode. Here are some effective ways to fix this problem on your iPhone.

Battery Failure or No Battery

A powered off iPhone because of no battery can be responsible for the dead screen. For this reason, plug your iPhone into charger immediately to let it charge. Wait for a few minutes and turn on. If your screen turned black even after 100% battery charging, you have to check the battery of your iPhone. Sometimes, replacing a battery can solve this problem. You can check the battery health of iPhone in the Settings app. To replace a battery, take it to an authorized repair shop.

Crashed App

A specific app can be a reason behind the iPhone black screen. To fix this issue, immediately press “Home” key of iPhone twice and swipe its screen right or left to see the recent apps. Swipe on the culprit app to close it. Now return to the home screen and launch that application again. If the problem repeats, you have to contact Apple support.

Force Restart an iPhone

You can fix the iPhone black screen with a force restart. If you have 7/7 plus iPhone, press the volume and power button at the same time and hold for some seconds until you notice Apple’s icon.

For any other iOS device, you have to press the Home and Power button for almost 10 seconds to see the logo. After a reboot, a black dead screen may disappear.

iTunes to Restore iPhone

iTunes can restore your device to “Factory Settings.” It may wipe out your data, so backup your iPhone. In the absence of a backup, dr.fone can help you to fix your black screen without losing data. Here are some steps to reset an iPhone with iTunes:

  • Connect a smartphone to Mac and launch iTunes.

  • Hit the “Summary tab” and tap “Restore iPhone.”

  • Now proceed by hitting “Restore.” iTunes may fix the death error of your Apple device but will remove its data.

Fix Without Data Loss

Fixing iPhone after a black screen can be efficient and easy with dr.fone. Occasionally, iOS glitches can be the reason for black screen issues. It is recommended to use a repair tool for iOS. The dr.fone can be a great alternative of iTunes. With this exclusive technology, you can fix different issues that are impossible to fix with iTunes. Furthermore, it is possible to retain your data on your device.

How dr.fone helps you?

Dr.fone comes with a user-friendly interface; therefore, you can repair your device within a few minutes. It is fully compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions. Here are some simple steps to fix iPhone black screen with this software:

  1. Install dr.fone on your iOS device and launch it to fix the issue. You can see the following welcome screen. Select a suitable option from this screen.

  1. Connect your iPhone with Mac via a USB cable and wait for a few seconds. Once the system recognizes your smartphone, you can initiate the process by hitting the “Start” button.

  2. Keep following the on-screen commands and activate iPhone DFU mode.

  3. Provide primary data of your iPhone, such as firmware update, model, etc. After providing the desired information, you may hit the “Download” button.

Wait for a few minutes because the app is downloading firmware updates. After completing updates, the app will automatically fix your iPhone within a few minutes. Visit the official website of dr.fone to learn the complete procedure with images.

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