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FamiSafe: The Parental Control App You Need For Your Kids?

Being a parent is a responsibility that can bring you extraordinary joy and happiness; however, remember that parenting isn’t an easy job; it is probably the hardest role. As parents, they generally worry about their children when they go outside alone or attempting some new thing without their supervision. For the most part, parents cannot control every part of the life of a kid like they cannot choose the friends they pick, what they do when nobody is around, and so on. However, with the advancement of technology, parents in this era can guide and control their children with the assistance of some parenting tools like FamiSafe.

One such means is the phone tracker app available for smartphones that enable parents to track the online activities of their children and control them if necessary. Furthermore, the best parental control application now available in the market is FamiSafe.

What Is FamiSafe?

At its core, FamiSafe is an application intended to help you keep a specific peace of mind when your kids grow old enough for gadgets of their own. Designed only for Android and iOS, FamiSafe targets the devices most kids use nowadays: smartphones and tablets. While a shared family computer is simple enough to keep secure, smart devices like iPhones are hard to monitor, particularly since it’s likely attracted to your kid at the hip. FamiSafe makes it simple to protect your youngster, and it is trusted by a large number of users around the globe.

How to Use FamiSafe

The FamiSafe free parental control application is extraordinary compared to other parental control applications on the Play Store. It’s very easy to use, and the child can’t uninstall the app on their phone without the password.

  • Install the FamiSafe parental control app on both your smartphone and your child’s smartphone.
  • For your child’s phone, sign into the FamiSafe account on their phone, pick the identity as Kid, fill in your child’s name and age.
  • For parent’s phone, sign in into your FamiSafe account and pick the role as Parent. This links you to your child’s device, so you can monitor your child’s device and make any parental control settings from your smartphone.

Key Features of FamiSafe App

FamiSafe free parental control application helps keep track of practically all aspects of a child’s life that need parental supervision. Regardless of whether it’s surfing the web, using applications, or heading off to someplace alone, FamiSafe parental control app fills in the parent in every aspect of a child’s life.

Control How Your Child Surfs The Web

Application blocker: FamiSafe parental control app lets you block any application on your child’s smartphone either for a short period of time or permanently. If, at any point, your child attempts to run a blocked application, you will be notified right away.

YouTube Content Detection: With more than 500 hours of fresh videos uploaded every minute to YouTube, it is very likely for a child to come across some unfitting videos. Be that as it may, with the FamiSafe parental control application, you can connect to your child’s YouTube account and see if they searched or subscribe for inappropriate videos.

Web Content Filtering and Blocking: If prevention is better than cure, then why wait for your child to discover a gambling or porn site and then block it? The FamiSafe parental control application keeps a massive database of sites with harmful content so you can merely pre-block such websites before your child discovers them. You can likewise block any site manually when necessary.

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