Web Design Tricks for Highly-Converting Law Firm Websites

Do you want to boost conversions on your law firm website? I know you do. And you most likely have an excellent marketing team, a great product, and have invested in a thorough on-page and off-page SEO.

But how is your website design? Does it attract visitors and convert them, or do they leave your site as soon as they get there?

A poor website design can make you lose conversions. If you’re not getting conversions, you probably need to redesign your site.

Here are a few tricks for a highly-converting website design.

Web Design Tricks to Increase Your Conversions

1. Make Your Unique Value Proposition Clear

Your site visitors should clearly see on your landing page why they should choose you. Your unique selling point should focus on solving their pain points in the clearest way possible.

What are you offering? Is it professional legal representation, a money-back guarantee if you don’t settle claims, or affordable legal fees? 

Customers look for someone who can provide them with solutions to their problems, someone who adds value to their lives.

Look for the reasons why clients should hire you and make it clear.

2. Implement a Live Chat Button

96% of your site visitors are not yet ready to buy. You should take that opportunity to convince them and convert them into clients. 

A live chat gives you the opportunity to talk to them and convince them. The interaction shows your credibility and that you’re committed and available.

According to American Marketing statistics, live chat can increase conversion rates by 20% and result in a 305% ROI.

3. Include Reviews and Testimonials

The importance of reviews and testimonials cannot be overestimated.

Testimonials act as proof of credibility and validation and that someone trusted you to handle their legal issues, you represented them as promised, and even went beyond their expectations.

They are the online “word of mouth” referrals customers consider before making a decision. Some reviews will be ugly, but you should not ignore them even if the customer were at fault. How you handle such reviews can determine if the person reading them will hire you or not.

4. Test Your Call-to-Actions

Some call-to-actions perform better than others. The only way to know which will work for you is by A/B testing.

Have a few CTAs that you think will perform well, then test each one of them. Other factors like color and the shape of the CTA button matters.

Changing the color of the CTA button to red led to an increase of conversions by 34%. Red depicts urgency and is striking. Also, rounded buttons show increased results than rectangular ones.

5. Create an Effective Headline

Humans are lazy by nature. We like to skim through content and only read it if we find something catchy. 

Your headline creates the first impression. Make it as effective as possible. Even better: address a pain point or a unique value proposition.

A headline like “Get a Personal Injury Lawyer to Settle Your Claim” will most definitely catch the eye of the reader.

Other web design tricks to optimize your site for conversions include simplifying your navigation, using fewer but larger and quality images to increase engagement, and not overloading your site.

Optimize for Website Conversion

Do not get too comfortable in the “business-as-usual syndrome.” The only way to know the conversion optimization techniques that will work is by testing and experimenting with different techniques.

If you want a highly converting website for your law firm, you must optimize the site by experimenting and implementing the above techniques to increase conversions.


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