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For all the battle royale games lovers there is some amazing news for you. The famous PC game Call of Duty: Warzone is now coming to the mobile. The news is almost confirmed because an Activation’s job listing is found featuring the title of “Executive Producer, Features (WZM)” along with a job description of “a new AAA mobile FPS”.

WZM means warzone mobile and the description clears the doubt if you have. The race started after PUBG in mobile gaming is unstoppable now and all big gaming companies wanted that market.

According to a report PUBG mobile has earned around 1.2 billion 10 thousand core in 2020 from it. So you know that amount of money it has, this is the reason why every big gaming company wanted to get into this segment.

If we talk about Call of Duty: Warzone it is one off of the most demanding games on PC and PUBG PC is brutally crushed by this game. If we compare PUBG PC with Call of Duty: Warzone then there is no comparison at all COD is far better than PUBG PC.

It takes a whopping 150+ GB of installation space but the graphics and concept of the game are really mind-blowing. If the marker Call of Duty: Warzone PC is making the same game for mobile then there is something to worry for PUBG Corporation.

But also COD Mobile was not enough to compete with PUBG mobile, I hope they take care of this thing in the future and make something better this time. The release date of the game is yet to be announced officially by the company and we have to wait until they complete their development of the mobile variant.

Since Call Of Duty first came out in 2003 it has been a trendsetter in the gaming world and is one of the top sellers. They first entered the Battle Royale genre with their Call Of Duty Black Op’s 4 which served both as a success and a failure.

The success being people were amazed by its concept and game mechanics and the failure being it failed to meet the expectations of the players. But still, it paved the way for one of the best battle royale available in the market which is Call Of Duty: Warzone.

It has set new game records in the gaming world as is gaining even more popularity by having integrations with the other big shot games of the Call Of Duty series such as Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

All of these has been for consoles and PC platforms while the mobile gamers had to be satisfied with the simple version of Call Of Duty: Mobile which had a basic version of the Black Ops 4 battle royale experience and the general COD 5v5 team deathmatch(TDM).

But finally, Activision has answered the calls of Mobile gamers and finally decided to make a mobile version for Warzone calling it Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

So we are here with all the speculations available for the game such as Release dates, Requirements, etc. 

Activision has previously teased the potential development and release of the game by listing a job with the title ‘ Executive Producer, Features (WZM)’ while the description stated ” a new AAA mobile FPS”.

The job position which has already been filled was for someone to work on a new AAA mobile FPS game in the Call Of Duty franchise stating that the applicant had to harvest, adapt and deliver the essential features from Warzone console and PC into their best mobile installation.

Also in May 2020, Activision’s CEO confirmed more mobile games were coming from the company among which one is Crash Bandicoot: On The Run. No release dates have been confirmed yet as the game is still currently in the development stage but is speculated to be released in 2022 or in late December of 2021. 

It is deemed to have support for 120 Hz refresh rate screens making transitions silky smooth. Actions like peeking corners, scanning a landscape or seeing through a sniper scope and doing flicks or even running away from the circle in a beat-up vehicle would be worth seeing at 120 Hz if your device is going to be capable of it.

Most of the recent game titles are not able to take advantage of the 120 Hz refresh rate but if the speculations are true then Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile will support this being the only game to do so.

When Warzone was first released its file size exceeded 100 GB as it had all of the assets from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare which is irrelevant to the main battle royale game.

The first thing they are doing is downgrading the graphics from 4K to HD since there are only a few devices that support 4K. They are also probably going to limit the number of available modes such as Plunder which is not very popular as the battle royale itself and also reduce the size of subsequent patches as 100 GB is more than the storage most of the smartphones have which will limit the number of handsets it can be played on.

It would not be able to hit the target audience if only people with advanced phones could run it because Call Of Duty: Mobile gained popularity as it was able to played nearly on all phones which Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile will need to emulated thus taking so much time in development.

It is going to have the same control scheme as Call Of Duty: Mobile instead of emulating the system employed by other mobile shooters such asPUBG mobile, Garena Free Fire, and more. Compared to the current battle royale mode Warzone has fewer necessary controls as it has very few ways to interact with the environment whereas it requires menu navigation when you are using buying stations around the map and it is actually going to be easier on a touchscreen device as you the need to cycle through the options will not occur.

It is also rumoured that Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile will not be having bots in the game. For reference, PUBG Mobile fills up some of their matches with non-player AI-controlled players a.k.a bots for new players looking to get their first few kills as they have reduced intelligence compared to real players.

It is done so new players are able to grasp the game mechanics and are able to climb the steep learning curve. The downside to this approach is seasoned players find it very boring and too easy to fight against. But since Call Of Duty: Mobile does not have a learning curve or complex game mechanics it is being expected that Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile is going to exclude match fill-ups with bots.

According to the Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile subreddit it is going to have cross-platform play enabled by default meaning PS5, Xbox series X and S and PC players will be able to play alongside Mobile gamers.

The cross-platform may still be a far fetched idea but it is expected to at least have support for both Android and iOS users to play together so no matter on which side you sit on the Android vs iOS civil war it is going to make it easier for the game to fully populate the matches thus supporting the no bots inclusion policy.

All we know so far that there is a mobile version of Call Of Duty: Warzone being developed by Activision and most of the facts mentioned are sourced from either rumours or speculations and even from a subreddit formed by fans supporting the cause of Warzone Mobile.

Hope we were able to supply you with the information you were looking for relating to Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile. Stay tuned for any recent info or leaks going around the internet and don’t forget to comment as always if you think we missed something or anything needs a change.   

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