How Big is Classic WoW? The Astounding Scale of Azeroth 

One of the main attractions of an MMORPG is the rich and expansive open world, and WoW Classic is no exception. For a player starting out at level 1 on a new Classic WoW account, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the scale of the world known as Azeroth. The huge scale of the world was designed to make players feel in awe of their surroundings. 

Azeroth is supposed to make you feel like every time you log on, there’s an adventure to be had. The zones are large and dangerous. You feel vulnerable walking between the mountains of a zone covered in aggressive mobs. This vulnerability is there by design because you need to feel vulnerable to feel like a conqueror. And that’s exactly what each player is. So, exactly how big is Azeroth? Is it all smoke and mirrors designed to make you feel like you’re in a big world when you’re actually not? Or is it truly massive?

Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms

There are two continents in Classic WoW, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. You can see by looking at the world map of Azeroth that Eastern Kingdoms is longer than Kalimdor, but is it? This may surprise some players, but the World map isn’t very accurate. 

There are areas of the world map that are not true to scale. There are areas of the map that appear as an inaccessible zone but are actually just see if you find a way to get there. This is because the original Azeroth was designed without flying in mind. Players were never intended to fly over zones, so there could be inconsistencies between the map and the physical experience on the ground. Players are limited to following predefined routes from one area to the next, and if you’re not supposed to go somewhere, the game will place an invisible wall in your path. 

However, whn you test it, it appears that Eastern Kingdoms is still longer in reality than Kalimdor. It takes around 53 minutes to walk from one end of Kalimdor to the other end (from Moonglade to Uldum Gates). To get from one end of Eastern Kingdoms to the opposite end (Stratholme to Booty Bay), it takes around 69 minutes. 

Secret Zones and Other Areas

Just going from one area of the map to the next can help you gauge the basic scale of the world, but you’re not seeing everything. There are also 20 dungeon instances and 6 raid instances in Classic WoW. Each one of these instances has its own map, and some of the maps are huge. Black Rock Depths and Maraudon are truly epic and take several hours to complete. 

There are also zones in Classic WoW that exist but you will never see. These aren’t just hidden areas like Hyjal that are visible on the map but are blocked off by invisible walls. There are actually areas on the map that you can’t even see but are always there if you can find a way to get to them. For example, there’s an area called Azshara Crater located far off the map. There’s also Emerald Dream, Programmer’s Isle, GM Island, and more. When you factor in the size of all of these hidden maps too, the scale of Azeroth is astounding. 

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