Why Cell Phones Should Be Banned in School?

Why Cell Phones Should Be Banned in School?

Cell phones are popular throughout the world, and almost everyone possesses them. They are multifunctional and allow for fulfilling a great variety of functions, such as calling, exchanging messages, taking photos, finding information on the Internet, scheduling the whole day, etc. The list is very long, and it proves the usefulness of these miracle devices. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be used everywhere. One of the forbidden places is the classroom.

Professional essay writers from AdvancedWriters are aware of multiple dividends offered by cell phones. In the meanwhile, they have negative outcomes for students while they learn in the classroom. This article focuses on the reasons why cell phones should be banned in school.

Continuous Distraction

First of all, a mobile phone turns into one big distraction. This miracle gadget offers many opportunities and students eagerly use them all the time long. They even ignore their teachers. They seem to be obsessed with sending messages, reviewing social media content, etc. Many people openly claim that the continuous use of mobile phones leads to a strong addiction.

Katharine Birbalsingh, a headteacher in Wembley said that educators are against the use of cell phones on the campus. They are a great source of distraction and interruption of students’ concentration. Students are absent-minded and unfocused. Accordingly, they cannot effectively participate in the educational process.

Positive Outcomes for Academic Performance

One study carried out by the London School of Economics showed that banning cell phones positively affects the academic performance of students. The researchers studied multiple schools in 4 English cities. They focused on how high the scores of students are while they pass their tests. Students out of schools that banned phones outscored their peers by more than 6%. 

Researchers from Rutgers University modeled a study with similar conditions and received pretty the same outcomes. Accordingly, this tendency will only increase, and banning phones is the right strategy. It shouldn’t be surprising because students don’t interrupt themselves with calls, messages, videos, social media, etc.

Lack of Time

Active users waste their time on their gadgets. They prefer hanging online and texting their friends to studying. Many students violate the dates of submission because they remember their homework assignments at the last minute. They don’t work during the lessons because youngsters are frequently distracted. It likewise negatively affects teachers. Teachers are constantly interrupted each time they hear ringtone or the tone of the delivered message. It takes some time to begin explanations again. Besides, it gets on the nerves.

Problems with Health

The continuous use of mobile phones is the trigger of many problems with health. We mean both physical and mental problems. Check the list of the typical health deviations and ailments:

  • Excess weight;
  • Poor sight;
  • Low energy levels;
  • Frequent tiredness;
  • Increased irritability;
  • Problems with sleep;
  • Behavioral deviations.

When children are glued to their screens, they badly damage their eyes. They likewise move less and become physically inactive. They aren’t interested in something else and commonly sit for many consecutive hours. Such kids tend to consume junk food that steadily leads to obesity.

Students likewise do not sleep enough because they constantly use their phones. As they are deprived of healthy sleep, they become quickly tired. It also makes them more aggressive, induces problems with concentration, critical thinking, and memory.

Prevention of Bullying

Another important outcome of banned phones is the stoppage of bullying. We guess everyone knows that mobile phones in a combination with the Internet are frequently used for bullying. It is likewise called trolling. Young people are most exposed to cyber threats and humiliation. Schools that banned the implementation of mobile phones provide positive reports about this case. They claim that one sees no students who bully one another during the breaks. Moreover, students become friendlier and are more actively engaged in the life of their schools.

No Cheating

If educational institutions allow the use of cell phones during the lessons, they may provoke students to cheat. This can be done easily and quickly. Students only require access to the Internet. Afterward, they turn on their browser and begin to search for the correct answers online. The Internet is one huge virtual library, which contains all kinds of information.

Accordingly, students quickly find the required answers during their tests. Even if they write an essay, they can read samples written by professional writers and copy them. Consequently, the results of such tests or essays do not reflect the current level of knowledge and skills of students who cheat. Fortunately, the forbiddance of cell phones during the lessons instantly solves this problem.

These facts speak against the use of cell phones. They are obvious and cannot be denied. Although there are several positive outcomes of phones, they should be banned while students are in the classroom.

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