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How your business can incorporate vertical search in their SEO effort

Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way from the early days of digital marketing. Almost from the very beginning of the internet, website owners understood they could influence their site’s ranking on the search engines. However, it’s much harder now to achieve this as the major search engines, such as Google, are constantly upgrading their SEO ranking algorithms.

There can be no doubt that SEO has become more complex, so much so, that the implementation of a successful SEO and digital marketing campaign has become quite a science. And now there’s vertical search engines to take into consideration. No wonder SEO and digital marketing can become quite overwhelming.

With the evolution of SEO, it’s extremely advantageous to complete a digital marketing course to fully understand the ever-changing dynamics of good SEO techniques.

The importance of SEO

The aim of all online presence whether it be a blog, social media engagement or a website is to drive traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate. Without applying the science of SEO techniques, achieving this can be a constant uphill battle.

Vertical search engines explained

We all know a lot about search engines as well about understanding their algorithms and how they work. But did you know that your business can incorporate vertical search engines to improve your SEO results and in your digital marketing strategy?

The easiest way to explain vertical search engines could be to talk about the ‘images’ tab on Google, for example. Everyone has used the map search, location or news search on Google, therefore we’re pretty familiar with these tools.  Therefore, Google is main search engine and the images, location or map search tabs are a vertical search tools. In fact, Google’s vertical search engines have become increasingly important and their importance should not be misjudged or overlooked.

How to incorporate vertical search in your SEO strategy

Now that we have a clear understanding and definition of what vertical search enginesare, we can now discuss how to incorporate SEO practices in your vertical search SEO efforts.  Let’s look further into how vertical search engines are able to get your website in front of many more viewers and quickly!

Here are a few tried and tested vertical search engine techniques to successfully incorporate vertical search in your SEO efforts and digital marketing strategy:

  • Understand your audience – Part of any digital marketing campaign, including boosting your vertical search engine ranking is understanding your audience. Fully understanding what they are searching for is crucial. Stay in the know when it comes to what your target audience is searching for.

  • Keep content relevant – It’s far more important to keep your content relevant when incorporating vertical search in your SEO. As with horizontal search results, vertical searching also highly depends on the relevancy of your content.

  • Limit images – Use like regular search engines, images are a great way to capture your viewer’s attention, however it’s important to keep the number of images used to a reasonable amount, don’t overdo it.

  • Add video content – We know that videos attract way more views than static content and this finding applies to vertical search engines too.  So, go ahead and add video content.

  • Article length is important – Do a little research to establish what the average word count is that your competitors are using and follow suit. Although there is no set rule on the length of content, keep in mind the fact that there is no optimum length of content for the vertical search engines, just make sure your content meets the search query.

Don’t forget to submit your site

To take full advantage of the vertical search engines don’t forget to submit your site to all of the specialized vertical search engines. This can be time consuming so make sure you have completed research on which vertical search engines to include in your SEO efforts. Remember to pick your vertical engine addition carefully.


By incorporating vertical search engines in your SEO efforts there’s little doubt that you will see a steady increase in your vertical search engine rankings – which is a great way to reach a wider audience.

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