A One-Stop Guide to the Best Video Editing Apps of 2020

No other electronic device has simplified our life as much as the smartphone. Today, none of us can fathom a life without a smartphone. With hundreds of different phones in the market, the camera and the features associated with the camera are the major selling point of any smartphone. Many smartphones today have cameras that work as good as professional DSLRs.

Often professional photographers and videographers use their smartphones to capture images and videos. As the popularity of smartphone cameras continue to increase, it has led to an increase in the popularity of video editing apps like this one as well. No matter how skilled you are or what the quality of your videos is, any unedited video will come off as raw without basic color correction or cropping.

Having understood the importance of video editing, the next task is identifying with editing apps to use. With a host of options in the market, it is indeed challenging to make a pick. To help you make a decision, we have prepared a list of the top mobile apps that provide the best video editing experience.


Splice is one of the finest editing tools for iOS users and allows you a one-stop solution for importing, arranging, and editing clips. With this app, adding texts, filters, and animations, trimming videos, and all basic editing work can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Created by the makers of GoPro, Splice allows users to adjust the speed of the video and its documentary-style effects as well. It is one of the few free apps that offer such diverse editing options. There are multiple songs and audio tracks available for you to use in the app.

Alternatively, you can sync the app with the iTunes library and use music from there as well. The only catch of this app is that it does not allow commercial usage of the tracks and if you are looking to monetize your YouTube videos, this might not be the perfect editing tool for you.

inShot App

If you are planning to create videos for Instagram, then the inShot app is one of the best options for you (irrespective of whether you are using an Android or iOS system).  Here, you can choose which part of the clip you want to retain, and the high precision trim-and-meager features will provide professional results. From an audio perspective, you can add music, voiceovers, and even control the volume of the audio in your videos. 

Creating image collages, flipping, or rotating photos, adding emojis and other basic editing work can be seamlessly achieved with this app. Although this primarily a free app, the free version comes with ads and a watermark on the edited video. To do away with this, you need to make a one-time payment of $2.99.


While you can use tools like InVideo to come up with high-quality videos to share on social media, the fact is most platforms restrict Stories to 10 or 15-second lengths. Thus, no matter how well-produced your videos are, you will not be able to post them on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram stories if they are longer than the limit. This problem can be solved with the StoriesStudio app which cuts a long video into multiple short videos that can then be uploaded as stories.

For example, if you have a minute-long video, you can upload that in this app and decide how many videos you want to make of it. By having the original video broken into 4 or 6 videos (of 15 or 10-sec duration each), you can have your social media story be a series of small videos. The fact that the StoriesStudio app allows you to directly upload your videos to the different social media portals is an added advantage.


Another efficient video editing tool that works on both Windows and iOS, WeVideo is the best choice if you are keen on a cloud-based tool. The app comes with a built-in audio library and you can choose your music, add filters to your video, trim the clips, adjust their speed, and share them over social media. WeVideo has a simple interface while allowing 4K HD resolutions, text inlays, and a host of other advanced features.

Being a cloud app, WeVideo lets you start a project on a device and finish it on another one (if you so want). The only catch here is the fact that the free version comes with 10GB of cloud storage and if you intend to create more than one video, you need to upgrade to higher plans that start at $4.99 per month.


Available for both Android and iOS users, Magisto leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automatically edit your videos and transform them into polished films. This app is designed for major edits and it will help if you have a picture in mind before getting down to the actual editing. The audio editing features of the app are extra feathers on its crown of achievements and lets you have complete creative control over your editing work.

The basic app is free, and you can register to test the waters. Once you are satisfied with the product, opt for the subscription. Since the subscription amount is much higher than most other apps, it is recommended that you make the payment only if you are confident of using it frequently. However, considering the quality of editing work and the time that you will save by using this app, it is worth the monetary investment involved. The customizable branding, privacy setting option, social sharing, and access to an exclusive media library are some of the other reasons for you to use the app.

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other latest technological developments have had a major impact on video editing mobile apps. These days, apps allow a lot of room for creative expression and unique tools such as a slideshow maker, and using any of the apps discussed in this article, you will be able to create a video of your choice without much hassle.

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