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Best Smart Displays Available in 2020

Smart Displays are not newly introduced gadgets, but they are quite unknown to the World for now. Amazon has already its device on the market named Echo Show, and we know that Google is trying its best to beat Amazon’s products, so they have now tied up with other brands like LG, Sony, Samsung and more for the smart displays. However, there is also a report that Google is also developing its own smart display.

As per report, Google is providing a new smart display platform, so companies can tie-up and Google will provide a structured platform for their displays like, it will have Google Voice Assistant and some more android features that are modified for smart displays only. So let’s discuss some of the best smart displays in 2020 which are introduced and upcoming soon to the markets in 2020.

These are the best smart displays in 2020

Echo Show 2nd Generation

Best Smart Displays

So finally Amazon has launched its successor to the Echo Show as the Echo Show 2nd Generation. This device comes with a lot of new improvements and a brand new design that makes it one of the best smart displays in the range.

For the specifications, it offers a 10-inch HD 720p (1280 x 800) display which comes with great viewing angles out of the box. The Echo Show 2nd gen packs Dolby 2 x 10W speakers to give you the best in class sound experience. It rocks a 5MP camera that will help you to capture the images or while doing video calls.

This time you get a very good screen to body ratio display if compared to the previous device and it just costs $220 dollars from Amazon.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon is improving its smart displays series from time to time, so this they bring an affordable alternative to the Echo Show 2nd gen this time as Echo Show 5 which is a great smart display for the priced it is offered.

The display comes with a 5.5-inch screen that supports a resolution of (960 x 480) and it looks perfect for the price. The device comes with a very good speaker of 1 x 4W, which is always ready to deliver a good sound out of the box, but at the same time don’t expect much.

It is priced just $89 dollars which falls under $100 category so if your budget is not high to get Echo Show 2nd, Gen, then this is the right choice for you.

Amazon Echo Show 8

It is one of the latest introductions by Amazon in its smart display segment. Amazon Echo Show 8 is an awesome smart display under the price of $100. The device packs amazing features for the price it is offered. It comes with a 8-inch HD (1,280×800) display out of the box.

The look and feel of this device is solid and stylish, this time Amazon has managed to get compact looking design. The display has 2x Full range 2 inch 10W speakers for the better-enhanced sound experience. You can directly use Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn for music experience on the display, and also it supports Amazon Prime Video, NBC, Vevo for video streaming.

It will do all other smart display works like you can have a video call with its front camera and also it will tell you the cooking recipes. The display will also help your kids in smart learning things like most of the displays on our list do the same.

LG ThinQ WK9

LG had announced it in CES 2018 and now ThinkQ WK9 is up for pre-orders in the US for $297. It is made in cooperation with Google, it runs on Google’s Voice Assistant and also has Chrome Caste support out of the box.

It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 624 home hub processor and has a front camera for video calling. It sports an 8-inch display that is a touchscreen. The device also packs dual speakers which will give the best sound experience.

JBL Link View

Don’t get surprised yes the JBL has also introduced its smart display named Link View. It comes with 8-inch (720X1280) pixels HD display and has an egg shape design. It is also supported by Google’s smart display’s Android platform and runs on its Voice assistant out of the box.

In the front, it packs a 5MP camera and two 10W front-firing speakers that will provide you the best-enhanced sound experience. It has IPX4 certification which means that this device is splash-proof and can resist the water splashes and dust.

Still, it is not available but soon expected to launch, it will be priced around $200 as per the rumor.

Lenovo’s Smart Display

Yes, Lenovo is also a key player in this market, in CES 2018 they had also introduced its smart display. However, the name of this smart display is yet unknown, it comes in two variants one has the 8-inch display and other packs 10-inch display both supports FHD resolutions.

It is boosted by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 624 home hub processor and also has 2GB of RAM. In terms of storage, you are going to get 4GB of internal space. It has a front-facing camera that supports 720p recording and capturing. It runs on a new smart display Android platform and packs Google’s Voice assistance.

It will cost you $199 and $249 for 8 and 10-inch variants. The availability is still unclear but it is said that Lenovo is working very hard for the smart display.

Archos Hello

Archos is known for making smartphones and tablets but now they are also in the smart displays industry. Archos hello comes with a 7 and 8.4-inch FHD 1080p IPS displays which sound pretty good. The device is powered by 2GB of RAM and it has 16GB of storage inbuilt.

The smart display is fueled by a 4000mAh battery, which is rechargeable through the USB port. It sports a 5MP camera which can help you in doing video calling. It runs on Android oreo specially modified for smart displays and obviously, it has the support of Google’s Voice Assistant.

The 7-inch variant is expected to be priced at $150 and the 8.4-inch could be priced around $200.

Sony Smart display

It is all clear that Sony is working on a smart display however there is not a single hit about the device. The Sony’s smart display doesn’t even have an image, but now there is an unofficial image of this device claiming to be the upcoming sony smart display, that you can look below. However, it has a very interesting design which makes it different from other smart displays available in the market. The site has also claimed that it will come with a FHD display and it will pack Google’s latest voice assistant features.

However, there is not official from Sony till yet and as per the rumor the device may land in July or August. We are more concerned about the pricing if they launch it under 200$ then surely it will be the best product in the market.

In terms of pricing, it is expected to come b/w $200 to $250.

Echo Show 1Gen

It is the smart display from a well-known company called Amazon, the display is up in the markets from June 2017 without any competition. But now Google has decided to completely destroy Amazon so they are not working on smart displays.

Let us take a look at Echo Show, it comes with a 7-inch LCD  1024 x 600 pixels display. It rocks 5MP camera for video callings like you can have a business video call on it. It comes with 2x 2-inch speakers that are to provide the best sound experience. The device will cost you around $230 from Amazon.


Smart displays are not at their best and still, they are very new to the World, so the best products are yet to come. You can look at the images above they are very ugly in terms of design, but we also believe that it will improve with the time too.

We don’t suggest you buy Amazon’s Echo show because recently we are going to witness many other best smart displays with new technology. Like LG has started taking pre-booking of its display, so for sure it will have upgraded features than Amazon’s display. And there are many smart displays yet to come like JBL Link View, Archos Hello and more so just wait for few months and you will have lots more choices in this market.

Hope you have liked our post, please let us know in the comment box if you have any questions regarding these displays.

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