The Best Money Transfer Apps With The Nicest Interface

When you are searching for a quality money transfer application, you need to find an app that is easy to use. There are a few listed below that have a nice interface. You should test all these apps before you sign up, and you might read some of their information after putting the app on your phone. You can easily access your money, transfer cash quickly, and save time when you find a good app.

Western Union

You can quickly transfer money when you use Western Union. This company has been in the wire transfer businesses since the days of the Wild West. The company has updated itself every time new technology was available. You can use their simple app to transfer money to a bank account or send cash to a local office. You can click on the menu bar, and you can sign in, check the balance of your account, or send money.


PayPal has a multi-faceted app that allows you to request money from people or send money to your friends. You can check your balance, transfer money, send money, or request money from the homepage on the app. You can click on the menu button to learn about the extra features of the app, and you can change your settings in the menu. This app is easy to use, and they even have a simple invoice app for businesses.


Venmo allows you to check your contacts, or you could use a QR code to send or receive money. This app allows you to quickly send money, and you can hold money in the account if you like. You could use Venmo to share money with someone in your friend group when you get dinner. You could send money to a friend, and you could pay a business when you use their QR code in the shop or online. Plus, you can see the menu clearly when you get into the app.


When you use Square’s CashApp, you can send money to anyone at any time. You can send money when you need to split the bill at dinner. You can use the CashApp if you need to pay for your employee’s expenses, or you could use CashApp to send tips to your staff. CashApp allows you to hold money for as long as you want, and you can see the balance when you enter the app. Plus, you can easily go into the menu to decide what you need to do next.


Zelle is a special app used by banks to allow for free transfers. You can transfer money from your bank account to an account with another bank. You can use Zelle to send large amounts of money, and you can use Zelle on the bank’s website. The app is very simple, and it shows you all the bank accounts that you have already approved.


TransferWise is a simple transfer app that allows you to choose the bank accounts where you need to send money. You can choose international bank accounts using the app, and you can quickly type in the desired amount. TransferWise was designed to be as basic as possible, and you can transfer money out of your account from the homepage when needed. You can send money to someone else who has the TransferWise account, and you will not be confused because this app only does one thing.


OFX is another simple transfer app that is used to ensure you can send money to international locations. OFX was designed to be simple with a basic menu bar and your balance is shown on the home screen. You can enter the app at any time to transfer money to an international bank, or you could transfer money between two OFX customers.


WorldRemit is another international app that allows you to choose your qualifying country, choose the amount you want to send, and fund your account in any way you like. You can use World Remit when you have a friend that already uses the app. You could tell everyone in the family to use this app, and even your elderly loved ones can learn to use this app. The homepage shows your balance, and you can quickly scroll to find the country, fees, and available friends.


When you want to send money around the world, you must find an app that is easy to use. You can choose from all the apps above if you are searching for a better interface. You could use these apps to save money, and you can use them because they are not confusing. Make certain that you can see your balance, find your friends, and transfer money instantly. Also, these apps give you a simple menu that allows you to change your settings and transfer money quickly.

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