10 Best Keyloggers for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Are you that concerned parent who wants to know what the kids are typing on their Apple devices? Are you suspicious of your partner’s phone activities? Also, are you an employer wanting to keep tabs on employees and make sure they are productive?

All these questions can be answered by solutions that work by collecting information from the phones remotely. We are talking about iOS keyloggers here that work on both iPhones and iPads.

These days, you can find keyloggers on the internet, but you need the right one for the job. We will see what they do and why you need them. Next, we will review ten of the best keyloggers that can help you in the spying task.

What Does an iPhone Keylogger Do?

Of late, iPhone keyloggers have developed to something else altogether. Initially, were responsible for recording keystrokes made on the phone and storing them in log files. That means they can record everything typed on the phone.

Now, they come loaded with more features. The former function is still active, but it’s no longer alone. iPhone keyloggers now include other features that capture calls, messages, location, social media, and other phone details.

With that, here are some of the best keyloggers that will collect information for you secretly and remotely.

Part 1: Spyic iPhone Keylogger

Spyic is a monitoring application that comes packed with spying features. One of them is the iPhone keylogger that records every keystroke demanded by any app.

You can capture everything typed on messages, social media, login requests, and any other app that requires keyboard input. After that, Spyic’ keylogger stores the information in log files.

To access them, you need an account with Spyic that reads the targeted iPhone or iPad. The keylogger arranges the reports according to where they were typed. So, if you want to get the Facebook logins, go to keylogger then look for the FB logo.

There, you will get the authentication details and all the typed messages. Spyic has done this work and more for millions of people in more than 190 countries. That is why you should consider it too if you want to read the targeted phone’s keystrokes while hidden.

The best part about Spyic’s iPhone keylogger is that it does not need any downloads, installation or jailbreaking. All you require are the iCloud details of the phone you want to spy quietly.

Other things you may ensure are that the two-step verification is turned off and the iCloud syncing turned on. After setting it up online, you will get a dashboard with all the spying features you need. At the bottom is the keylogger.

This keylogger works with all iPhones and iPads with iOS version 7.0 and above. Therefore, most of you will not be left out.  You can use any device to view the results since the control panel is compatible with all the browsers.

Now, let’s see how you can use Spyic’s iPhone keylogger to record keystrokes remotely from the targeted phone. After that, you can check this post for more iPhone keyloggers on Spyic.

Steps to Start Using Spyic iPhone Keylogger

Step 1: Register an account with Spyic via the main website. Next, choose the Apple icon to continue to pricing plans.


Step 2: Select the most suitable plan for you and make the payment. You will immediately get a confirmation email with the receipt, log in details and setup instructions.

Step 3: After the email, login to your Spyic account and enter the iCloud details of the targeted phone. After that, select the device you want to record the keystrokes form and wait for the synchronization.

Step 4: Once Spyic and targeted iCloud synchronize, you will see the dashboard with many features.

Scroll down to access the keylogger. Once you get it, click to see what it has already recorded from different applications.

If you want any login details to various accounts, here is where to get them remotely.

Part 2: Cocospy iPhone Keylogger

Another powerful application that contains the iPhone keylogger is Cocospy monitoring solution. Among other spying features, you will get the keylogger that also records all the keystrokes made on the targeted phone.

After recording them, you access the reports remotely via your established Cocospy account. Cocospy’s iOS version can be set up on any iPhone with iOS version 7.0 and above. All you need are the iCloud details of the phone you are targeting.

No download, installation, or jailbreak is required here. That means you can even set it up online and start recording the keystrokes without touching the phone.

Once you set it up, the results are accessed remotely via an online account that hosts the dashboard. It’s user-friendly and works with all browsers. That is why you don’t need to worry about the device you are using to view.

Apart from the keylogger, you can also get access to calls, messages, contacts, location, etc. For more information about how the keylogger works, visit the demo page via the main website.

Part 3: GuestSpy

Other powerful iPhone keyloggers on the market include the GuestSpy application. It’s able to record keystrokes everywhere they are made on the targeted iPhone or iPad. One thing about GuestSpy is that you can choose to use the jailbroken version or not.

The limitation here is that the non-jailbreak solution may not show everything you want to see. On the other hand, both versions will only require the Apple ID to get started. Once you set, it’s now all about recording the keystrokes secretly and receiving them remotely.

The results are viewed online after setting up the account and the app. One advantage of using GuestSpy is that one license will cover for all devices you want to monitor.

Also, it has other features such as spying on contacts, location, and social media, among other phone activities.

Part 4: TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy’s iPhone keylogger is also web-based. That means you have to register an account with them and verify the targeted iCloud ID for it to work. The good thing here is that you don’t have to download, install, or jailbreak anything.

Once acquired, it’s also able to record all the keys typed on the targeted iPhone or iPad. Other spying tools include monitoring call logs, emails, messages, media files, and location.

Part 5: iKeyMonitor

This is another robust app with the iPhone keylogger as one of the features. It has already been recognized as a reliable app that parents and employers have used worldwide.

With iKeyMonitor, you can record keystrokes while hidden from Apple devices and read the results remotely. You can use an online account to see the reports or have them sent to you via email. That is one advantage it has when it comes to convenience.

Other adorable features in this app include recording voices and capturing screenshots remotely. Apart from accessing the call log, it also comes with a call listening feature.

Part 6: XNSPY

The XNSPY monitoring application contains the iPhone keylogger too. It’s responsible for recording keystrokes made on the targeted iPhone or iPad. That means you get everything typed on social media, messages, and any app requiring authentication.

XNSPY is available in both jailbroken and non-jailbroken versions. While the latter has limited features, you can use without touching the targeted phone if you have the iCloud details. For the jailbreak version, you have to access the iPhone once to install after jailbreaking.

Other spying features that come with XNSPY include extensive social media tracking, access to media files, call logs, and messages.

Part 7: Spyera

More of iPhone keyloggers include the Spyera application. Once chosen, it can record the passwords, social media typed messages, iCloud password, and anything else needing keyboard input.

After the setup, you only have to log in to your Spyera account to see what it has fetched for you. It also comes with other monitoring features apart from the keylogger. So, it’s worth checking out.

Part 8: SpyMyFone

This is another keylogger with the power to remotely record iPhone/iPad keystrokes and deliver them to your account. Other powerful features in it include the location and Geofencing specifications.

The advantage with it is that you don’t need to jailbreak the device before using it. The limitation is that the app may have complication as you continue working with it.

Part 9: TruthSpy

TruthSpy can also assist in recording keystrokes from iPhones and iPads. You need to set it up by feeding it the iCloud details of the phone you want to monitor. After that, it’s all about accessing your account remotely to get the log files.

It’s also known to support a wider variety of Apple devices than most of the apps out there. Like most of the iPhone keyloggers, it also operates while hidden. The only thing you have to be aware of is that it can get complicated as you use it.

It comes in basic and standard versions.

Part 10: Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

The last iPhone keylogger on the list is the Pumpic app that also contains the needed keystrokes recording feature. It’s also able to catch those typed passwords, social media messages, and any other app needing the keyboard.

You can use it on iPhones and iPads without jailbreaking. Other features on it include access to browsing history, calls, calendar, and location.


Now, for all those concerns you have about recording Apple devices keystrokes, you have ten answers for them. For all, they have the same function, but there are other variables too.

First, it’s not a good idea to get an app that requires you to jailbreak before using it. Such apps will not remain hidden forever. Further, your target will know that something horrible happened to their phone.

So, get an app like Spyic that is safe to use and does not demand any jailbreaking skills. Also, it’s able to give you real-time updates no matter where you go.

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