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Top 5 Best Gadgets and Gizmos for Fitness Lovers

Day by day new Gadgets & Gizmos is coming for making our life more easier and happier. For Fitness enthusiasts there are a bunch of Gadgets available in the market but today we are talking about the best 5 Gadgets for Fitness lovers launched in 2015. So let’s take a tour of our Gadget list.

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1.) Fitness Bands


When we talk about Fitness accessories, Fitness band is the most popular Gadget available online. Fitness bands are offered by many companies, and with many different appearance, like with Display or without display. Fitbit, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc are the famous brands available.
Fitness Bands helps you to track your steps taken, Calories Burn, Heart Rate, Sleep Quality and helps to achieve you target. They are equipped with a number of Sensors for Fitness tracking. They are basically Water and dust resistant which makes them tough and durable. You can set your Fitness Goals in it through Smartphone app and it gives you time to time notification regarding your goals. Their price varies for what they are offering, there are a No. of Bands in the market starting from 999 INR.
Our suggestion of Fitness bands:(A.) Nike Fuel Band, (B.)Xiaomi Mi Band, (C.)Samsung Gear Fit, (D.)Fitbit Surge, etc.

2.) Fitness Headphones/Earphones


Suppose when you are running in the morning or doing workout you will never like an ear bud falling out or your headphones slipping off your head during workout. Music is the one which creates concentration during workout and in India there are many brands offering Sporty earphones/headphones like Nike, Puma, Bose, JBL, etc. They offer a great sound and have perfect fit in ear so that it will never fall out of your ears, comes with good comfort and durability. They are of two types wired and wireless. Wired offers a better output than that of wireless. There are many good headphones by Portronics, Skullcandy starting from 1,000 INR. Our suggestion of Sport earphones:(A.)Sennheiser PMX series, (B.)Jabra Sports Wireless+, (C.)Plantronics Backbeat Fit, (D.)Bose Soundsport, etc.

3.) HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle


There is a direct role of water in keeping us healthy by keeping our Hydration level good, But in our daily routine we didn’t give any importance to water. To keep our body Hydrated HydraCoach launched their Smart Water Bottle which records amount of water drink, when to drink and gives you suggestion about how much water more to drink to keep your body hydrated, it also calculate average hourly consumption. It can store 650ml of water, and is equipped with a Digital Display and a Hydration Monitor which provides you information regarding water consumption. It is available in various funky colors like Orange, Blue and Silver, if the person reading this post is a Nutritionist, Doctor, Daily Gym goer or someone else, it is the best water bottle available for you.

4.) Li-Ning Xiaomi Smart Shoe


These smart shoes are designed for runners, athletes and helps them to record steps and calories burnt
During workout. These new Li-Ning Smartshoes are Water proof/Sweat proof and can absorb pressure while running. These shoes are equipped with Military grade sensors which are in the form of Chip. The material of the shoe is breathable and the sole is super durable. Basically it is a Superhero in the Footwear world. It is available in a variety of designs and colors. To use this shoe, Firstly you have to install Mi fit app in your Smartphone by which you get the details regarding your workout session. These are not available in India, but you can purchase it from sellers like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Geekbuying, etc.

5.) HAPIfork a smart eating device

HAPIfork is a smart eating utensil which can help you to be healthy and to loose weight. It helps you to count bites and advises you to eat slowly. People these days are always in a hurry and that’s the main reason of unhealthy life. Persons who are Fast eaters, eat more than there capacity which further causes Obesity or Gastic problems, this fork tracks your eating habits and reminds you by vibrating to eat slowly. It records all the data and automatically transfers it to your smartphone or you PC via Micro USB port. It is available in number of colors and has a 3.7 volt battery which gives a backup of 15 days.

This selection is based on our choice, For more tech updates stay connected to us.

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