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The Best Foldable Phones Expected in 2018 and 2019

The age of smartphones are on the peak, and it looks that it will continue in future too. Daily we are getting something new, in smartphones technology every day companies are launching their new best smartphone with best features and innovations. The future of smartphones are going to be the best in upcoming few years, smartphones will inevitably change their shapes.


Maybe from the 2018 year, you are going to get foldable Smartphones from various companies which we are going to discuss today. But before going to these companies we would like to inform you that these are not only players in the market which can launch foldable phones, but also there are other smartphone makers which are capable of adapting this technology they too have enough resources to develop it. So let’s get started.

These are the best foldable phones expected

Lenovo’s phone

The Lenovo is the first company on our list from which we can expect a foldable smartphone. The Lenovo is one the biggest top smartphones maker in the world, and it is also present in almost all the major tech industry like, PC, Laptops, smartphones, LCD, TV and much more. Not long ago Lenovo purchased Motorola brand which is clearly indicating that how they are looking forward.


In Tech World 2016 that was held in San Francisco, where Lenovo had showcased its foldable technology. At the event, a woman Youtuber showcased bendable smartphone and tablet. She showed the phone that was wrapped around her wrist simply like a lady does with her arm jewelry. Next up, she took a tablet and effortlessly bowed it into equal parts and put on a show to make calls setting the collapsed tablet beside her ear. Which is like the company wants to replace heavy tablets, and makes them fit into your pocket if you want to use as a tablet use it or fold it use as a smartphone without any issue.

The foldable phone from Lenovo is expected in MWC 2018, where all the smartphones makers showcase their new technology and launch new products. 

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable

Samsung is the first company behind the rumor of foldable technology. We had first reported in 2015 that the Samsung had booked patents for its upcoming foldable tablet. In 2018 Samsung is going to launch its bendable smartphone named as Samsung Galaxy X. However, if we follow a current report then the device is now canceled for 2018 and it will now launch in 2019. 

samsung-galaxy-x-foldable-rollable-oled-displayA tech site called Slashgear showcased a video of Samsung’s upcoming foldable display technology, in which a thin display is rolling out and in. As per the rumors, the device may sports a 4K Super AMOLED screen display with (2160 x 3840) resolutions, the device rumored to be packed with the dual rear-facing camera module. The screen will be approx 5.5 to 5.7 inches. The expected launch date of this smartphone is yet not clear, but we believe that it will launch at MWC 2018.

LG’s foldable Phones

LG Display will spend around $1.7 billion to construct another generation line for making foldable OLED smartphone screens. Which goes into phones like the curved Galaxy smartphones which, are turning out to be progressively prominent, whereas all other phone makers are far back, the investment is indicating that LG is looking to be a leader in foldable technology.


The production of the LG flexible display will be set up in the same OLED display facility that LG reported arrangements to work, for around $8.9 billion, last November. It’s been hypothesized that the plant will be utilized to make screens for future iPhones, as Apple is relied upon to change from LCD display to OLED screen display from 2018. There have been bits of gossip that an iPhone with bent sides could tag along too, so LG might prepare for that, as well. However, we’re still confused that LG will launch its smartphone in 2018 or not because it looks LG is working on a long-term plan so may they launch a smartphone at last quarter of  2018, or it could be extended till 2018. But if we look from another perspective, whereas brands like, Lenovo, Samsung is going to launch their smartphones in 2018, then why LG would not be there, this thing makes us believe that LG will be there in 2018 to beat their competitors.

Foldable Phones future?

The future of foldable phones is very near; there are the bunch of third-party flexible and foldable display makers, from where any smartphone makers can get this technology, or they can tie up with them to create foldable phones. 


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  • Which should be the phone to but under INR 30K in December 2016 as that is the month I will be back in India and I donot want to invest in phones in UK.
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    So could you please suggest a phone keeping in mind the phones to be released by dec-jan and a modified Android UI that looks and feels better.

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