Stellar Data Recovery Software All You need to Know

We all have lost our precious data once in our life, and we never knew that there are many data recovery solutions available in the market. But in this article, you will learn a lot about data recovery and security solutions from a well-known company called Stellar.

Before doing recovery make sure that you haven’t touched that area or folder where you have lost your data. Because if you have added news files then maybe your lost files have been overwritten and that makes your data impossible to recover. So the first step you have to take after losing your data is just leaving your device as it is.

Here you can check the software that you can use for these kind activities

Data Recovery Software for Windows 

If you are using a windows device and want to recover your lost data then this is the only software you should use. It is a well-tested data recovery software from Stellar. After installing it from online open the interface it will ask you to what type of files you want to recover. So just select the file type which you wish to recover if you are not sure about the file and do mark on all the files it will auto scan and recover your files like, images, videos, DOC files, and others. After this process, you have to purchase the software, that’s kinda good and it means you are not going to waste your money, some software asks for pre-purchase and that give no guaranty of recovery and you might lose your money in it. But with this application, after downloading you can first check that your files are recoverable or not and then decide to make a purchase.

It gives many features like you can repair corrupt video files, recover data from CD DVD, recovery from any storage media, repairs corrupt photos and many other capabilities.

Data Erasure Software (BitRaser)

Do you know even after formatting and deleting your files from the devices can be recovered? Yes, it’s possible and there are many frauds cases happened with it. Suppose you run a big company and you have an old laptop on which you have worked for many years and had many precious data stored in it. Suddenly you planned to sell it and buy a new device so what you will do to the old one? of course, you will format it and sell it to another person. This is the worst thing which you are going to hear yes a formatted device can be recovered too. So if you sold your device in wrong hands and he will recover your date so years of your research will go in wrong hands and then they might use the date against that can put you in big trouble. Sometimes they can access your private photos and videos.

But the software called BitRaser will do the work for you it is trusted by many big organizations like the RBI uses it to safely remove data from their device. If you have erased your date from BitRaser then it is impossible to get your data back.

iPhone Recovery Software

It separately offers an application which will help you to recover your lost data from your Apple smartphones. So if you have lost your data message or anything else just connect your iPhone to your PC and recover by selecting a few steps.

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