Best Apps To Have When Travelling Down Under

Australia is one of the most popular countries to visit and travel around the world today, with people coming from all over the globe to see what this wondrous place has to offer. With so much to see and do, it’s important that visitors are able to make the most of their trip, and one of the best ways of doing this right now is by installing the right apps on their smartphone.


A lot of people head down under to enjoy the glorious beaches that are on offer, as well as being able to take a dip in the clear blue seas. With Beachsafe, users will remain up to date on the latest beach and water safety information in real time. There’s in-depth knowledge of everything from surfing conditions and weather, through to potential hazards and seaside amenities. It’s also a great app for learning how to stay safe where the sea is concerned too and you can search for beaches close to where you are.

Appy Travels

Appy Travels is more than just an app, it’s a travel companion, and it’s a must have if you’re heading down under. With Appy Travels users will have access to information on the best Australian experiences and places to visit, from cities to beaches. There are maps included so you will never get lost and with the app working offline, you’re sorted even if you haven’t got an internet connection. There’s even a phrasebook that will come in handy, and it’s regularly updated too.

Tourism Australia

It’s always a good idea to arm yourself with facts and advice prior to and during your travels down under and this app is perfect for just that. It’s a user’s comprehensive guide to everything, from places to go and things to do, so it’s the app to refer to when you’re planning your daily or weekly itinerary. The app will also keep the user up to date on any events taking place, as well as transport information, which is likely to come in very handy from time to time.


Many head to Australia to enjoy some great sporting action, with horse racing high on the agenda for many. There’s the Melbourne Cup for example, which is by far and away the most prestigious horse racing event to take place in the country, with fans coming from all over the world to watch on. Having the Unibet app to hand is ideal for trips like this as users can quickly access the latest betting markets and place their bets in a matter of seconds. The app looks great and is easy to navigate, it’s the perfect app if you fancy a flutter Down Under.

Australian Road Trips

While you’re Down Under, you may fancy going on a road trip, and doing so is common in Australia with it being such a vast country. However, they can be daunting for first-time travellers, but this is precisely what the Australian Road Trips app has been developed for. There are 40 very detailed itineraries for people to select from, if they wish to follow a schedule that has been pre-designed. There’s also the opportunity to plan a custom road trip, or to view one’s other travellers have embarked on.

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