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Apple iPhone SE 2, Don’t Expect it on 27th March

Let’s come to the topic, there is a lot of chatter about iPhone SE 2’s launch date, tons of sites are claiming that we are going to see the iPhone SE 2 on 27th March, 2018. However, as per our sources, Apple is not going to introduce its budget iPhone SE 2 at 27th March (education event). It will be only limited to computing products such as new MacBooks and iPads and thus we will not see any smartphone launch on 27th March.

iPhone SE 2 will be a ‘Made in India’ smartphone and Apple will completely assemble it here in India, but the launch has been shifted due to government policies and some other restrictions. Trusted Chinese and Taiwanese sources like China’s Economic Daily and Focus Taiwan also backed our made in India report in the past. So, we are gathering more information from our sources about the current timeline and we will know about its launch date very soon. For now, we can clearly say that there will be no iPhone SE 2 on 27th March or at WWDC.

In terms of specifications, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to come with a 4 to 4.2-inch display. The device will be powered by 2GB of RAM along with A10 quad-core processor. It will run on the latest iOS version and for storage, it will have 32/128GB optional variants. It will be fueled by 1700mAh (approximately) battery, in terms of design it will be similar to the previous iPhone SE.

This time it is expected with a glass panel at the rear and bezels of the iPhone SE 2 will be also less compared to iPhone SE but in term of design, we will have a similar experience.

There are also rumors that it will be a pure bezel-less device like iPhone X, however, we don’t believe that Apple will do this to their budget device, the reason has already been mentioned in our previous post here.

The budget iPhone SE 2 can cost around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30, 000 in India, that is around $400.

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