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As we all know the sale of smartphones in India is continuously rising, except making-receiving calls and other important stuff we all use our cell phones for many other tasks. These tasks include Photography, Music, Movies, and Gaming. When we are bored with all that regular duties or in our spare time we all used to play games, without Games our life be like a Car without Fuel. Earlier we had also posted an interesting article on Best Graphic Intensive Games. By considering the increasing demand for smartphones, the App developers also started putting extra efforts into developing Apps & Games. So today we are talking about the 5 most addictive Android games.

These are the addictive games for Android

1.) Color Switch

It is based on the same platform which is used by the famous game “Flappy Bird”. It is a 2D graphic based game and includes a very attractive, colorful interface. It is a Tap based game in which by tapping on the screen, the Ball moves upward and by tapping continuously you have to protect the ball from different obstacles.

The game includes different game modes- Race, Reverse, Challenge, etc. As far as you reach, the more challenging obstacles you have to face.

You can download it for free from Google Play Store or from any third party app like Mobogenie, 1Mobile, etc. It will take around 24MB of storage on your phone.


2.) Clash Royale

If you are familiar with the well-known game, the “Clash of Clans” then you will have no problem with the Royale Clash. It is based on the same platform and both games are from the same developer, Supercell.

The characters of the game are quite similar to that of Clash of Clans, it is a strategy game in which by making different strategies you have to destroy the opponent’s Castle and at the same time you have to protect yours.

The game includes Online versus mode in which you can test your skills by competing with other participants from rest of the worlds or you can join a Clan if you want to fight with your friends or relatives in the game. In the gameplay, by defeating various opponents you earn cards by which you can unlock and upgrade your players.

The game is available for free from Google Play Store and requires a fast running internet connection. It will probably take 90MB of storage space on your device.


3.) Tap Tap Dash

It is from the developer Second Arm, in this game by tapping you can jump or change your player’s direction. The game includes 250 stages and is a bit tough game to play as per our liking. The path on which the player is moving have arrows sign on it and by passing them the speed of the player will increase and the game will become more challenging.

The game has simplistic and attractive characters like Bird, Sheep, Dog etc, and when you tap to jump they will make funny sounds. The game is very addictive but one need patience to perfect his Taps because once you tap the player will immediately take action. The game is available for free on Google Play Store and will take around 16MB on your device.


4.) Piano Tiles 

Piano Tiles 2 is a rhythmic game, it is created by Hu Wen Zeng and was released by CheetahTechnology Corporation Limited. The rule of the game is that you have not to tap on the white colored tiles. As more as you score the more songs, you get to play.

The game is minimalistic and is easy to understand at first sight, but is not as easy as people imagine. You have to tap on the black tiles which are always in a different order according to the song and the speed of the coming tiles is also increase as you reach the high score.

It is a single player game and the sounds of piano playing in the background feel pleasant to our ears. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and will occupy around 21MB of your phone’s storage.


5.) Crossy Road

It is an endless game, in which there are 100 Plus characters available to play with. The story of the game is that the player has to cross roads, rivers, grasslands, train tracks, etc without losing his life. The player has to tap and swipe the screen to protect the game character from different obstacles like Cars, Trains, Rivers, etc.

If your character will be stuck at the same point for a long period of time then an eagle will come and snatch him which results in losing the game, so the player has to take care of both the facts at a time In the game coins also play a very important role, by earning more and more coins you can unlock more characters but some of the characters in the game are still paid.

This game is available on Google Play store For free and will occupy around 20MB of phone’s storage.


These are the few games which can be very addictive for you, lets us know if you have tested these in the comment section below. Also, we would like to hear about any other addictive game that we missed and you think it should be on this list. So we will review and consider it.

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